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Integrated HR and Payroll Software for Restaurants

At AllianceHCM, we know that running a restaurant is no easy task. From payroll processing to tax filings, there’s a huge amount of data to manage.

As a restaurant owner, you need a human capital management (HCM) solution you can rely on. You need restaurant HR software that is uniquely designed to meet your specific needs, whether you have five units or 500. And you need payroll services that help you streamline your operations.

Where do you find this solution? AllianceHCM can help. We specialize in providing HR and restaurant payroll software to restaurant businesses of all sizes. Schedule a demo or contact us to learn more about our restaurant software solutions.

Payroll for McDonalds Owner/Operators
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What is an HCM?

Human capital management (HCM) is a system for managing your employees. It lets you track and manage team members at each stage of the employee lifecycle.
Small businesses like restaurants typically need HCM solutions which include the following data:

Think of HCM as a “one-stop-shop” for your company’s HR and employee management needs. Rather than wasting time on managerial tasks, an HCM lets you focus on running your business and delivering great service. 

AllianceHCM Customizable HR Dashboard and reporting solutions
Redesigned dashboard of the MyPay app as seen on a mobile device

Why you need HR and payroll software

Restaurant payroll software helps quick-service and full-service restaurants in many ways.

  • Efficiency: An HR suite integrated with your point-of-sale system and back office means you’re no longer inputting the same data into multiple systems. Add employee data once and it’s available across various programs.
  • Accuracy: With HCM tools, you don’t need to jump back and forth between data sources. There’s less chance of making errors or importing the wrong data.
  • Reliability: Seamless integration with your existing IT solutions means you can rely on your HCM to meet your needs.
From the application process to employee onboarding, AllianceHCM has the tools to help you manage your team effectively.

Features of HR software for restaurants from AllianceHCM

Restaurant payroll software trusted by top brands

AllianceHCM powers some of America’s top brands. They know they can trust us to deliver the custom restaurant payroll solutions they need to succeed.

Our full-service restaurant (FSR) and quick-service restaurant (QSR) system is used by some of your favorite restaurant brands.

Are you a new or small business? We’re here for you. Every client matters to us, no matter the size of their business. Just as you care about your patrons, AllianceHCM puts customer service first.

Schedule a demo or speak with us today to learn more.

Payroll and HR Resources for Restaurants

From tips and taxes to HR and payroll best practices, restaurants deserve special support as they serve customers

Get free payroll and HR resources to support your restaurant’s success, whether you’re an independent restaurant or part of a franchise community. We gathered key information specifically for restaurants and work continuously to be the best human capital management partner for your restaurant.

A cafe worker prepares salads in a large catering kitchen.

We’re the HCM partner you can trust to deliver you the software you need!

Trusted by over 170,000 quick-serve (QSR) and full-service restaurant (FSR) employees across 7,000+ locations in the U.S.

Our HCM solution is developed in-house to our customers’ specifications.

See how Aspire2B Hospitality partnered with AllianceHCM to improve performance and limit frustrations.

Aspire2B Hospitality operates Buffalo Wild Wings, Mellow Mushroom, Rusty Taco, and Arby's.

AllianceHCM’s full-service and quick-service restaurant payroll and HR solutions do it all.

When it comes time to choose an HCM software vendor, trust AllianceHCM. Our FSR and QSR software can do it all to help your restaurant operate smoothly. You can expect:

Learn how the right HCM provider can benefit your restaurant.


Team Murph

Team Murph includes 105 Domino's Pizza locations across Texas, Tennessee, and Kentucky and is continuing to grow.

Payroll Provider for Dominos


McReward, Inc

How owner/operator Todd McMillan leverages AllianceHCM to simplify operations and celebrate his crew

Payroll for McDonalds Owner/Operators


Kenworthy McDonald’s

How the Kenworthys compete for their McDonald’s crew using AllianceHCM’s services

Katie-Kenworthy Payroll for McDonalds Owner/Operators


Moreland/Bishop McDonald’s

Moreland/Bishop, a McDonald’s franchise, finds family success with the help of AllianceHCM’s complete workforce management solution

There’s just a lot of easy features in AllianceHCM’s platform that help manage having so many stores and make it less time consuming.


Oberoi Restaurants

Oberoi Restaurants continues to expand, with more than 40 Wendy’s locations across Texas and Florida

Ricki Oberoi Owner/Operator of Wendy's Franchises

Are you ready to focus fully on your customers’ experiences? Let us handle your payroll and HR needs.

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AllianceHCM is the payroll provider of {company}. Please contact your employer (even if you're not employed there anymore) directly for assistance with logging in, resetting your password, questions about your paystub, accessing your W2, benefits or any direct deposit questions etc. We have strict security rules in place and cannot access or share employee information with anyone other than your employer's AllianceHCM administrator.