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Employee Benefits Management

Reduce costs and minimize risk.

Easily plan and administer competitive benefits packages, as well as seamlessly integrate with HR and Payroll to reduce costs and minimize risk, all within our complete Benefits Management solution. Our benefits tools also give employees unlimited access to benefits, and any changes made will automatically update across our all-in-one solution.

HR Benefits Administration

The AllianceHCM Benefits Management Suite delivers a complete lifecycle to your benefits programs, and easily connects each piece of the dizzying employer mandate compliance puzzle.

As the AllianceHCM Benefits Management Suite is within a single database, any changes to benefits (medical, 401K, dental, etc.) are automatically updated to the associated payroll deduction and/or earning codes. No more missed updates or manual keying! AllianceHCM

Once an employee’s status changes, a notification message is sent to the AllianceHCM Employee Self-Service app that will direct employees to an enrollment package on the self-service portal. Employers can make any pages “required reading” for the employee before enrollment may be submitted. Once completed, employees will electronically submit their signatures for records and compliance.

Using the AllianceHCM Benefits Management Suite in combination with Carrier Connect also cuts down the time, cost and complexity of communicating your employee benefits enrollment data to insurance carriers and other benefits providers using our secure automated process. Carrier Connect currently supports hundreds of carriers and other benefit providers for Core (Medical, Dental, Prescription, Vision, etc.), Basic (Life, AD&D, STD, LTD, etc.), Voluntary (Long-Term Care, etc.) and Contributory (Retirement, 401K, FSA, etc.) plans.

AllianceHCM Benefits Administration Solution Highlights:

Carrier Connectivity

Our Carrier Connectivity solution completely eliminates the manual process of communicating highly sensitive benefits data and connects you to a network of over 600 carriers.

Reduce the time it takes to set up a manual connection to just 8-14 weeks. With digital enrollment forms, setup can be cut down to as little as 2-3 weeks.

Automatically and securely deliver enrollment and benefits data to insurance carriers for open enrollments, new enrollments, terminations, or any other event.

Connect to our network of over 600 carriers to communicate data related to health, dental, life or any other benefits.

Employee Benefits Reconciliation

Benefits Reconciliation is the industry’s only fully- automated solution that matches carrier invoices against employee premiums and enrollment data to check for billing discrepancies and uncover hidden premium leakage.

The communication between Alliance HCM platform and insurance carriers allow users to pull-in and combine data from a system of record automatically.

Data can be automatically matched based on SSN, employee or plan name, and other variables.

Gain Actionable Insights and securely export your follow-up notes to other team members, a broker or insurance carriers to address irregularities.

Executive Analytics allow organizations to understand plan utilization trends across multiple products, review plan enrollment history, and make better future decisions.

  • Works with 401(K), 403(B), 529, and other retirement vendors, as well as over 60+ retirement plan vendors nationwide.

What used to take hours or weeks – now takes a few minutes with our automated Benefits Reconciliation solution. Simply drag and drop invoices for a side by side comparison that identifies underpayments, overpayments and other billing discrepancies.

COBRA Management

Our solution handles virtually every aspect of COBRA administration, eliminating all time-consuming, manual and paper-based processes and seamlessly complying with federal and state continuation requirements.

with employers, carriers, and participants to reinstate coverage, collect payments, and provide support.

make it easy for employers to review, approve, or reject potential COBRA qualifying events.

track all actions for qualifying events and eligibility, and provide consistent experience.

by seamlessly tracking money movement, reinstatements, open enrollment, and all other activities.

allowing users to track and audit notices, payments, and communications for compliance purposes.

Billing Consolidation​

What’s Unique about our Billing Consolidation™ and Payments Solution?

We offer an automated billing solution for organizations that allows users to generate, manage, and process carrier invoices across any line-up of plans, business units and locations.

Simplifies tedious billing tasks with one consolidated invoice for all payments

User-friendly tools and graphical analytics supports optimal decision making for existing and future plan designs

Powerful adjustments engine provides frustration-free experience regardless of the plan complexity

Ensures data accuracy and compliance

combines generated invoices across multiple product lines, time periods, business units, and locations based on the clients’ need.

can be remitted to one or more carriers and dispatched to internal and/or external recipients.

gives employers the ability to incorporate adjustments post-factum.

keeps critical stakeholders in the loop and provides automated communications with integrated accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and other third-party systems.

features benefits utilization trends, which help improve business decisions.

Dependent Eligibility Audit

Our automated solution makes the auditing process seamless and secure. We handle every detail of the audit – from employee notifications, to securely collecting and reviewing the information, to keeping you informed with real-time status updates and dashboards.

Saves time and reduces non-compliance risks

Gives you access to industry experts and compliance specialists based in U.S.

Controls wasteful spending

ensures a fair and equitable process for all participants on your plan.

make pre-, during and post audit activities simple and clear.

to ensure all sensitive documents are protected.

allows for random sample groups or the ability to survey the entire population.

We provide a completely automated and intuitive solution, combined with human-centric service that takes care of every aspect of the audit. Rest easy knowing that you’ve got the right set of employees and dependents covered. 

401(K) Integrations

Quickly and securely deliver the necessary payroll data, including contributions, deductions, employee demographics, and salary-related information directly to your retirement plan provider – no matter the complexity of your organization and requirements.

This service is ideal for clients with limited HR resources and existing HR leaders that occasionally look to outside professionals for document creation and review.

Send timely, accurate, and relevant data, that’s automatically reformatted and delivered every pay period at your pay frequency.

Keep track of every remittance, matching contribution, and correspondence with automated and user-friendly reports.

Uni- and bi-directional data flows to retirement plan providers and back automatically.

  • Works with 401(K), 403(B), 529, and other retirement vendors, as well as over 60+ retirement plan vendors nationwide.

Affordable Care Act Management

Our next generation ACA Compliance and Reporting solution makes it easy to maintain real-time compliance with fully automated features that reduce risks and liability.

Your employees ACA status updates automatically in our system – no manual intervention. Leave compliance to us! Our solution calculates and monitors compliance on a monthly and annual basis. Real-time reports also help reduce your compliance risk and tax liability.

Get a centralized view into your company’s entire ACA compliance status through a better understanding of patterns, as well as the ability to better predict and plan for the future needs of your business.

Integrating with third-party platforms, running unlimited tests before submission, and automatically mailing and tracking the delivery of 1095 forms directly from our solution are just some of the many helpful features you will find on our platform.

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My practice revolves around providing sound financial decisions that come from sound financial data. In any business, your human capital is the most expensive factor in that data. And AllianceHCM does a good job of helping me manage that function no matter how large or small of an operation I am advising. Having their partnership gives me another way to provide great service.
Dwayne Anderson, President, Carefree Financial Management
Success Stories
Alliance talks about being without limits, and that is definitely the case here. Keystone is no longer limited by having no payroll expertise in house. The guidance and service we get from Alliance gives us more confidence, more abilities and more time to focus on selling and taking care of our clients.
Christian Kopp, Outsourced Risk Manager, Keystone Insurance & Bonds
Success Stories
AllianceHCM is the perfect fit for us. They know our industry and they’re price competitive. But even more important is their service. They are always ready to help me with anything. They bring expertise that I need without me giving up control, which really helps me do my job. It’s a great partnership.
Tammy Garza, Controller, Avalanche Food Group

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Joseph Aldape
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Alliance has made managing our employees such a breeze! The staff at Alliance is always so helpful and they really care about us. We couldn't be happier!
Angela Adderley
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Awesome Payroll company to work with !! Always respond to issues immediately.
James Bobo
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Very much enjoy using Alliance HCM for my Payroll. Lindsay is always there to answer my questions directly. The helpdesk is always pleasant as well. Thanks!
Joanie Scott
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Alliance is a great company. They go above and beyond for their customers. Each time I call my question/issue is resolved during the call — always less than 5 minutes.
Janel Harrison
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Helpful and responds quickly!
Susan Melvin
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The transition to Alliance was pain-free thanks to the help of the transition team. When you use Alliance, you are given your personal account representative to help with any and all issues.

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AllianceHCM has a 97% customer Retention Rate
AllianceHCM has a 97% customer Retention Rate

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