MyPay Puts Employees in Charge of Their Data

Who better to manage an employee’s core personal data than the employee?


MyPay, the employee portal from AllianceHCM, lets employees access and manage their personal information. It gives them a single place to take action and respond to company needs.

MyPay from AllianceHCM centralizes the employee experience for work-related activities. Our employee portal helps managers and human resources professionals lighten their load.

Here are just a few of the core functions an employee can do through the AllianceHCM MyPay employee self service site:


Make quick work of HR tasks with MyPay

Who better to manage an employee’s core personal data than the employee?

Don’t bog down your HR staff with changing employee information or answering frequently asked questions. Payroll experts shouldn’t be responsible for updating an employee’s tax withholdings or direct deposit information.
Instead, let AllianceHCM’s MyPay serve as the single, on-demand resource for employees to take care of standard requests and tasks. Additionally, they can access essential company information, like a company directory or handbook. Empower your employees with an employee intranet software.

Streamline employee requests for more effective administration

Don’t waste time manually inputting data or transferring data between systems. MyPay data automatically updates in AllPay, the core HR and payroll platform from AllianceHCM. Your managers and HR people can also save time and effort when you use custom rules and workflows to sort employee requests for automatic approval or review.

Offer employees access anytime, anywhere

Employees don’t just need access to their data or the ability to request a change when they’re at work. The intuitive MyPay mobile app provides a better user experience with a vibrant company dashboard. For ease and convenience, employees can alternatively access MyPay through a web browser from any computer.

Bolster employee engagement and communication

MyPay can be a valuable tool to communicate with employees and foster an engaged culture. Send messages like company-wide announcements to employees. You can also post important files like company handbooks within the employee portal.

Make it a two-way conversation by administering surveys. AllianceHCM’s MyPay also allows employees to send messages to HR or payroll from within the portal.

Assign benefits enrollments and other tasks

There are key points in an employee’s tenure where you need them to take action. MyPay lets administrators assign tasks to employees, such as enrolling for benefits. Then our employee portal software automatically updates the associated data fields in AllPay.

Employees can see their benefits elections at any time through MyPay. You can rest assured your workforce is fulfilling all their assigned tasks.

Increase efficiency while managing time and attendance

Whether your employees are clocking in and out or requesting time off, MyPay can serve as a centralized hub. AllianceHCM’s MyPay is ideal for their timekeeping needs. Employees can see their accrued time off, request time off, clock in and out, check schedules, and request schedule changes. And don’t worry–if you handle those tasks through another platform, AllianceHCM can import data.

Have a single place to manage wages on demand

AllianceHCM integrates with earned wage access providers to help employers offer this powerful financial tool to their workforces. An employee can go into MyPay to request wages they’ve earned without having to wait for the next paycheck. This option in the portal makes MyPay the consolidated place for employees to view and manage their wages.

Let employees create and submit expense reports

There’s no need for a separate portal for employees to itemize expenses and submit expense reports. MyPay acts as a single expense report resource for employees to upload receipts or take a picture from a mobile device’s camera. They can also log travel miles and see the status of submitted, approved, and paid expenses.

Support learning tracks and continued education

Your workforce is learning new skills, renewing licenses, and meeting compliance requirements through continued learning opportunities. AllianceHCM’s MyPay employee portal software gives you a place to send employees for required training. It gives your employees a portal to share certifications, licenses, and more.

Deploy performance reviews

Support organizational improvements and employee accountability by using the MyPay employee self-service software to administer performance reviews with employees. Individuals can submit self-evaluations and receive feedback through the employee portal. makes MyPay a core facilitator of an employee’s growth at your organization.

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AllianceHCM is the payroll provider of {company}. Please contact your employer (even if you're not employed there anymore) directly for assistance with logging in, resetting your password, questions about your paystub, accessing your W2, benefits or any direct deposit questions etc. We have strict security rules in place and cannot access or share employee information with anyone other than your employer's AllianceHCM administrator.