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AllianceHCM is the “one-stop shop” for all of your HR needs.

AllianceHCM's complete Human Resources solution offers a unique combination of employee collaboration and traditional workforce management, enabling managers and employees to more easily access and update their information in real time.

An engaged employee using AllianceHCM self-service portal
Redesigned dashboard of the MyPay app as seen on a mobile device

Employee self-service

With our HR solutions, you can empower your employees by giving them on-demand access to important company information, including pay stubs and earning histories, through our easy-to-use mobile app and online self-service portal. The tools provided through the Alliance Employee Self-Service solutions allow employees to change direct deposit details, update W-4 forms, and even print W-2 forms — all from one spot.
Redesigned dashboard of the MyPay app as seen on a mobile device

What else can our Employee Self-Service solution do for your employees?

Our human resources solutions also help your managers lighten their workload with our Employee Self-Service automation, which allows your organization to broadcast company announcements, as well as send messages to individual employees and employee groups. You can also create alerts to remind employees about everything from open enrollment to an expiring driver’s license.

Learning management system (LMS)

AllianceHCM’s Learning Management System (LMS) solution for employee training provides online courses designed specifically for your organization in order to more effectively train on new skills, policies, products, and any other topic important to you. With AllianceHCM’s Learning Management System, you can create custom video content that delivers effective and timely training and learning to your employees about your direction and values as an organization. Not only will your employees learn how to add to your culture, but they will see how much your organization has to offer its employees on both a personal and professional development basis.

The AllianceHCM LMS helps you train employees online with a library of ever-growing content that is produced leveraging industry subject matter experts, which enables businesses to better manage their compliance needs, shape their company culture, and offer quality learning for their entire organization. Get compliant, train employees and improve company culture with our Alliance Learning Management System.

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Work Performance Management Graphic

Performance management

Support your HR department with complete, accurate employee information that helps drive more effective performance management. With the AllianceHCM Performance Management solution, you are provided at-a-glance employee information so you can easily leverage productivity and safety violation data for more objective, fact-based reviews.

Alliance Performance Management Highlights:

by defining and tracking performance.

by enabling managers to monitor employee performance and deliver ongoing feedback.

with online review forms and automated workflows that support a paperless HR environment.

Employee engagement platform

Not only does employee engagement have the potential to significantly affect employee retention, productivity, and loyalty, it’s also a key factor to customer satisfaction, company reputation, and overall stakeholder value. With AllianceHCM’s HR solution, you can easily move team communication online for real-time connections, as well as implement several employee engagement tools to help develop high-performing teams and retain your top talent. From instant messaging to automated employee engagement surveys, we’ve got you covered.

With our employee engagement platform, your employees will be able to:

Review personal details such as paycheck and direct deposit history, time off balances, W-2 forms, and more!

Submit requests to HR or Payroll for changes of address, phone numbers, direct deposits, W4 allowances, emergency contacts, time off accruals, hours worked by job, and so much more – all through the Alliance Employee Self-Service portal and mobile app. 

The ToDo’s feature within our HR solution allows you to distribute electronic documents for electronic signature. Your admin team and managers are also able to send alerts and request responses directly to employees, and can even create custom employee surveys or quizzes to better engage your employees!

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Document storage

AllianceHCM’s HR solution effortlessly tracks, records, and stores all employee data in our secure online database, so your HR team can easily view and access vital employee information in real time across multiple solutions!

Document Storage Highlights:

Compliance reporting

The AllianceHCM HR solutions help you to manage forms and avoid penalties more easily than ever before. With Alliance’s Compliance Reporting solution, you can share, sign, and securely store all company documents online. From company handbooks to form I-9, all of your employee data is housed and always accessible on our unified platform.

HR reporting support

Our HR reporting solution includes the Alliance Report Writer, OSHA, EEOC, PBJ, Vets, FMLA, COBRA events, etc.

Make reporting more strategic and productive with access to hundreds of highly configurable reports.

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COVID tracker

AllianceHCM’s COVID tracker lets employers collect, manage and monitor vaccine statuses and test results:

Document Storage Highlights:

With the New Hire Onboarding system from Alliance, you can take your organization to a new level of paperless efficiency. By allowing new hires to complete their onboarding documents in a secure web-based environment, those paper-intensive days will be history! When it’s time to hire, simply click ‘Onboard Applicant’ and Alliance sends a welcome email to your new employee directing them to your company’s paperless Onboarding Portal.

HR support

Get complete HR support 24/7 with AllianceHCM. Our human resource solutions can assist with labor laws and compliance, as well as the creation of essential HR support material such as certifications, training, licenses, handbooks, incident tracking, and even performance reviews. You also automatically receive access to certified HR professionals who can help navigate any HR issue.

Alliance’s HR solution allows you to connect to web-based HR resources, as well as Human Resource professionals with years of experience. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every Alliance HCM client has unlimited access to our HR Support Center for all of their Human Resource needs.


Included free of charge to every client of Alliance:

  • Policy library
  • State and Federal Laws
  • HR forms, checklists, and guides
  • HR resource center and best practices
  • 3-minute HR audit
  • eAlerts and quick guides
  • Benefits
  • Job descriptions
  • Q&A database
  • Glossary of terms

The Alliance HR On-Demand program provides access to experienced and certified HR Professionals who’ll work with you to address your business specific questions and needs, including custom HR document creation. This service is ideal for clients with limited HR resources and existing HR leaders who occasionally look to outside professionals for document creation and review. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Professional Advice. Address your situational questions in regards to legal compliance and personnel issues, and receive a response within one business day. Our certified HR professionals are available online or via phone for your convenience.
  • Document and Job Description Customization. With HR On-Demand, you can have us develop HR documents and custom job descriptions tailored specifically to your organization. Our HR pros will create your HR documents and review them for potential legal concerns. We can even create job descriptions, custom forms, letters and more.
  • Employee Handbook Development. Schedule a personal appointment with one of our HR pros to develop a custom employee handbook and implementation plan just for your organization. They can even consult with you one-on-one to ensure your business is compliant and protected.
  • Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace. Supervisors can sign up for our interactive webinar that focuses on an employer’s legal obligations and best practices for preventing sexual harassment. The webinar also addresses the protected categories of race and disability.
  • Get Real-Time Assistance. Our live chat feature, HR Concierge, gives you instant access to one of our HR team members who can help you easily identify and locate HR tools when you need them most.

With Alliance’s HR Complete solution, you have all the HR tools and resources needed to proactively protect and grow your business. Here are some of the features you can expect from Alliance’s Complete HR solution:


  • Dedicated HR Professional. Receive a dedicated HR professional who works directly with you to identify issues, vulnerabilities and opportunities to ensure you achieve compliance and reach your strategic goals.
  • HR Navigator. This all-in-one compliance workbook is categorized into easy-to-find sections to keep your paperwork and plans in one, easy-to-access place.
  • Unlimited Support. Get complete access to your entire team of HR professionals to address all of your HR questions and issues.
  • Custom Handbooks. Work directly with your dedicated HR professional to create custom handbooks, form letters, checklists and any other HR materials you may need.
  • Custom Job Descriptions. Alliance helps you develop job descriptions that are custom to your business, so you can attract and retain the right employees, as well as keep your job functions organized.
  • Online HR Resources. With Alliance’s HR Complete, you have instant access to a library of resources, including training-on-demand presentations, popular Q&A’s, exclusive articles, newsletters, and much more.
  • HR Concierge. This live chat feature allows you to work directly with a real HR professional to address your most pressing HR issues and questions.
  • Milestone Markers. Throughout the Alliance HR Complete process, your HR professional will track your progress towards reaching your HR goals and milestones, so you can focus on the big picture.

Managing your company’s personnel can be a challenging process, especially when it comes to understanding complex employment laws. Let us help you navigate labor laws with our complete HR solution.  

Labor Law Posters

State and federal law requires employers to post labor law notices in the workplace. These mandatory postings include the OSHA Posting, Federal Minimum Wage, FMLA, USERRA and various state specific notices. Failure to post mandatory labor law notices can result in hefty fines and lawsuits. 

Ensure your company is compliant with the most recent labor law posters. Alliance can provide these state and federal notices to you in laminated all-in-one State & Federal Labor Law posters, as well as pay-as-you-go subscriptions.

Features Include:

  • State & Federal Labor Law Postings meet all mandatory requirements
  • Attorney approved at time of purchase
  • Fully laminated (front & back)
  • QR Code & Posting Legend for easy compliance tracking


Free Labor Law Compliance Hotline

Have questions about Labor Laws? Call for a FREE professional consultation as many times as you need. Alliance offers our clients complementary services, including:

  • Unlimited phone consultations and email correspondence with a licensed labor attorney
  • Arbitration agreements for members who reside in jurisdictions where they are applicable
  • I-9 Compliance Review (audits typically range from $2,000-$3,000)
  • 10% discount on any legal fees incurred as a result of your request for legal assistance and advice, outside of the unlimited, free personnel consultations

Know who you’re hiring with our complete Human Resources solution. Perform simple and secure background checks to help your organization hire at scale, improve compliance, and streamline operations.

Increase productivity and operational efficiency. Speed up hiring by applying your preliminary assessment rules through our platform. Save both time and money with features like Progressive Screenings, which allow you to skip unnecessary screenings for candidates you’ve already disqualified. 

Mitigate risk and maintain compliance. Our platform leverages our proprietary compliance technology to ensure data is legally reportable and accurate so you don’t have to rely on manual processes. This makes your hiring process more consistent, as well as compliant, and leaves less opportunity for human bias or errors. 

Improve candidate experience and conversion. Today’s top talent expects access, visibility, and speed, so we’re constantly innovating to help you meet those expectations. Our mobile-friendly candidate portal speeds up the background check process with easy-to-use forms, and provides candidates all the resources they need, from real-time status updates to a live support team. 

Expand and optimize your candidate pool. With our advanced analytics, we connect you with actionable business insights. Based on these insights, you can use our HR platform tools to optimize your preliminary assessment rules and make your pool of qualified candidates more inclusive and targeted to your specific needs.

Background Check Service Highlights:

  • Social Security Verification. Identify aliases and counties where applicants reside.
  • County Criminal History Searches. Verify that the individual in question has no past criminal convictions.
  • Sex Offender Searches. Verify that the individual in question is not a registered sex offender.
  • Single-State Database Searches. Search background information databases for a single state.
  • Multi-State Database Searches. Search background information databases across multiple states.
  • Motor Vehicle Records. Search driving history for any known infractions.
  • Healthcare Industry Services. Verify that an individual is qualified to work in the healthcare industry.
  • Tenant Screening. Search for any previous rental property infractions.
  • Volunteer Screening. Verify that an individual is qualified and able to work in a volunteer role.

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My practice revolves around providing sound financial decisions that come from sound financial data. In any business, your human capital is the most expensive factor in that data. And AllianceHCM does a good job of helping me manage that function no matter how large or small of an operation I am advising. Having their partnership gives me another way to provide great service.
Dwayne Anderson, President, Carefree Financial Management
Success Stories
Alliance talks about being without limits, and that is definitely the case here. Keystone is no longer limited by having no payroll expertise in house. The guidance and service we get from Alliance gives us more confidence, more abilities and more time to focus on selling and taking care of our clients.
Christian Kopp, Outsourced Risk Manager, Keystone Insurance & Bonds
Success Stories
AllianceHCM is the perfect fit for us. They know our industry and they’re price competitive. But even more important is their service. They are always ready to help me with anything. They bring expertise that I need without me giving up control, which really helps me do my job. It’s a great partnership.
Tammy Garza, Controller, Avalanche Food Group

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Joseph Aldape
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Alliance has made managing our employees such a breeze! The staff at Alliance is always so helpful and they really care about us. We couldn't be happier!
Angela Adderley
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Awesome Payroll company to work with !! Always respond to issues immediately.
James Bobo
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Very much enjoy using Alliance HCM for my Payroll. Lindsay is always there to answer my questions directly. The helpdesk is always pleasant as well. Thanks!
Joanie Scott
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Alliance is a great company. They go above and beyond for their customers. Each time I call my question/issue is resolved during the call — always less than 5 minutes.
Janel Harrison
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Helpful and responds quickly!
Susan Melvin
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The transition to Alliance was pain-free thanks to the help of the transition team. When you use Alliance, you are given your personal account representative to help with any and all issues.

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Easily plan and administer benefits.

AllianceHCM has a 97% customer Retention Rate
AllianceHCM has a 97% customer Retention Rate

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