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We deliver advanced technology to streamline all of your Human Capital Management needs in one powerful, intuitive HCM platform.

A comprehensive, easy-to-use human capital management platform for your business

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Talent Acquisition​

Attract and retain the best candidates with improved employee experiences

Recruit the best employees and build your dream team with AllianceHCM Talent Acquisition

AllianceHCM applicant tracking and talent management solution

Experience Matters!
Join the 1 million+ new hires AllianceHCM has already onboarded and take control of your workforce management.


Payroll & Tax​

Streamline payroll processing with HCM software

Multiple EIN companies especially appreciate how AllianceHCM streamlines payroll processing across brands, locations and EINs.

Alliance Human Capital Management Payroll and Tax solutions

Streamline your payroll processing today!


Human Resource Services​

Collaborate and manage HR functions in real time

Empower your employees with AllianceHCM's easy-to-use mobile app and online self-service portal

AllianceHCM HR and Learning Management solutions

Get complete HR support 24/7 and streamline HR processes with AllianceHCM HR software



Easily plan and administer benefits

AllianceHCM's benefits administration suite is conveniently in a single database. This means any changes to benefits (medical, 401K, dental, etc…) are automatically updated to the associated payroll deduction and/or earning codes. No more missed updates or manual keying!

AllianceHCM benefits management solution

AllianceHCM has you covered as you achieve your business goals!


Time Management​

Increase efficiency and profitability

Easily map Point of Sale (POS) time files with AllianceHCM.

AllianceHCM Time Management Solutions

Make intelligent staffing decisions on the fly with the right HCM system by your side



Integrate with the latest reporting and analytics technologies

We've done all the integration work, so you can focus on other operations to grow your business.

What is HCM software?

While processes are important, it’s the people that make your business thrive. That’s why having the right human capital management processes in place is essential to the success of your business. There are a number of HCM solutions on the market. But picking and choosing different systems can lead to difficult integrations and a disjointed process. With our HCM platform, you benefit from having all the important elements of human capital management in one easy-to-use database.

Your Partner in All Things HR

When you need a true partner for your human capital management needs, you can turn to AllianceHCM. We take the time to understand your business goals to tailor an HCM platform to your needs. Whether that’s to improve efficiency or streamline HR processes across the board. We want your business to succeed as much as you and always take a personalized approach to HCM software. There’s no other HCM platform provider that blends great technology, amazing customer support, and fair pricing in one. We also know there’s no one-size-fits-all HR solution. It’s why we offer custom integrations to seamlessly combine our HCM tools with your existing software and platforms. Are you ready to simplify and streamline your payroll processes? Schedule a demo today.

Test drive our powerful Human Capital Management solution!

See for yourself why our clients are so satisfied with our human resources solutions and service. Take AllianceHCM payroll and tax solutions for a spin today.

AllianceHCM has been a great partner to my business with services that go beyond basic payroll processing. As a technology-forward company, they have been instrumental in my business’s response not only to COVID-19 but also to ACA and other HR processes. Their fast-reacting customer help desk has continually provided accurate assistance and answers. AllianceHCM is a truly valuable resource to my organization.
Dominic Flis, Burger King
I chose to partner with AllianceHCM over 30 years ago, and it has been one of the most vital partnerships that I have made. They have decades of experience and industry knowledge when working with McDonald’s, serving thousands of them nationwide. As I’ve grown and added locations and employees, the Alliance platform has grown with me to meet my business needs. They’ve even created interfaces with QSRsoft and ISP, which means I don’t have to manually key information. I can manage everything from payroll, tax credits, automated ACA tracking, and onboarding all in one platform.
Gary Bolen, McDonalds

Successful businesses like yours trust Alliance Human Capital Management

Josh Bohls
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I would give 10 stars if google allowed. I don't know why any business owner would hassle with doing their own payroll. The tax filings and support is worth its weight in gold.
Enedelia Acevedo
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Love that I get to talk to a person and not just emails back and forth
Sue Salazar
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Always receive professional, kind service. My account reps are very quick to resolve any issues.
DJ Holding
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Alliance is the best payroll company in my 40 year accounting career I've ever worked with. They are quick to respond and always pleasant.
Rebecca Thompson
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I get weekly phone calls from payroll competitors trying to get me to change. I do not have to think twice. Alliance Human Capital Management is all I need.
Sharon Backer
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got though the ppp loan forgiveness process almost exclusively with the use of the reports that alliance offered
Chad Gregg
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Excellent customer service!!!
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Customer retention rate
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Test drive our powerful Human Capital Management solution!

Take AllianceHCM payroll and tax solutions for a spin today and see for yourself why our clients are so satisfied with our human resources solutions and service.