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Simplify Your Onboarding Process with AllianceHCM

Experience the power of custom branded employee onboarding portals

Are you tired of the tedious and time-consuming administrative onboarding process? AllianceHCM onboarding is here to revolutionize your hiring experience. Our innovative onboarding platform offers a comprehensive suite of features that will transform how you onboard new employees. With AllianceHCM onboarding, you can say goodbye to missing data, illegible handwritten forms, and cumbersome paperwork.

Custom-branded onboarding portals make a lasting impression

First impressions matter, and with our custom-branded employee onboarding portal, you can create a personalized experience for your new hires. Showcase your company’s unique brand identity, logo, and colors, leaving a lasting impression right from the start.

Stand out from the competition and demonstrate your commitment to having an employee start their time with you on the right foot. Our new hire onboarding software helps new employees feel connected to your brand, fostering a sense of belonging and alignment.

Custom-Branded Onboarding Portals Make a Lasting Impression

Grant hiring managers access by location

Managing multiple locations can be challenging, but AllianceHCM’s onboarding software simplifies the process. Give your hiring managers access to specific sites, ensuring efficient coordination and better operations.

With location-based access, each manager can focus on their designated area. Our employee onboarding software can reduce confusion and provide a smoother onboarding experience for employees and their managers.

No more missing data and illegible handwritten information

Legible, error-free information that is easy to manage and process sounds like a dream, right? Deciphering illegible handwritten information and dealing with missing data is a thing of the past.

AllianceHCM onboarding eliminates these frustrating challenges by providing an employee onboarding platform that ensures accuracy and completeness and integrates with your whole HR database.

No More Missing Data and Illegible Handwritten Information
Process and Manage Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

Electronically sign essential forms and simplify compliance

Accurate payroll processes require compliance with necessary federal and state tax withholding forms, such as Forms I-9, W-4, and E-Verify. The AllianceHCM employee onboarding software enables electronic signatures, allowing new hires to sign these important documents conveniently and online.

No more chasing down physical forms or worrying about lost paperwork. Align your compliance process with secure and legally binding electronic signatures stamped with the date, time, and IP address. Optionally, require signatures from the employee and hiring manager for collecting and validating information such as food handler or beverage certifications.

Process and manage Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

Maximize your tax credits effortlessly with AllianceHCM’s employee onboarding software. Our platform simplifies the process of submitting and managing Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC).

The new hire onboarding software allows you to identify eligible candidates and submit the necessary documentation. The AllianceHCM onboarding platform gathers the critical components needed for the WOTC process, helping you unlock valuable tax incentives for your business.

Keep Updated With Auto-Notifications for Completed Submissions

Keep updated with auto-notifications for completed submissions

Don’t waste time manually tracking the progress of new hire submissions; instead, save your valuable time by using HR onboarding software. When an employee completes a submission, AllianceHCM’s onboarding platform keeps you informed and automatically sends notifications. Stay up to date with the onboarding process, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks and providing a seamless experience for you and your new hires.

Efficiently review, approve, and store new hire documents

Reviewing, approving, and storing new hire documents has never been easier. With AllianceHCM’s employee onboarding software, you can effortlessly manage the entire process.

Review and approve documents directly within the platform and securely store them on the employee record. Your employees’ documents are stored in a centralized and organized document management system.

Keep Updated With Auto-Notifications for Completed Submissions

Ensure completeness and data integrity with custom rules

A well-ordered employee onboarding process needs data integrity and completeness. AllianceHCM’s HR onboarding software allows you to create custom rules based on your specific criteria, such as location, position, or eligibility.

These rules act as checks, preventing incomplete or inaccurate data from entering your system. They reduce the risk of errors and save you time and effort in the long run. Additionally, set email or text reminders for employees to complete their onboarding requirements on time.

Serve forms based on custom criteria

Every new hire is unique, and their onboarding experience should reflect that. With AllianceHCM’s onboarding platform, you can serve forms based on custom criteria. You can tailor the onboarding process to each individual’s needs, whether it’s their location, position, or eligibility.

By dynamically generating forms based on specific criteria, you can ensure new hires only receive the relevant documents, saving time and minimizing confusion.

Serve Forms Based on Custom Criteria
Employee Handbook

Enjoy the freedom of unlimited forms and agreements

Say goodbye to restrictions and limitations. AllianceHCM’s employee onboarding portal offers unlimited forms and agreements. Our solution gives you the freedom to create and customize as many documents as you need.

Whether it’s employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, or other essential forms, our platform has you covered. Expand your onboarding process without worrying about hitting a cap and effortlessly adapt to your organization’s evolving needs.

Leverage reboarding for existing employees

Onboarding isn’t just for new hires; it’s a valuable process for existing employees, too. AllianceHCM provides a logical reboarding experience that allows companies to refresh policies and verify personal information from their existing workforce.

Improve employee retention with tools that engage your workforce to make crucial updates. Whether you need your employees to update demographic information or sign off on multiple forms and agreements, AllianceHCM’s employee onboarding software has you covered.

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Better onboarding experiences let employees know you value their time and contribution to your company culture. AllianceHCM’s employee onboarding software streamlines the onboarding process and reduces the need for tedious paperwork. HR professionals can say goodbye to stacks of forms and hello to an organized onboarding experience.

A smooth onboarding process sets the stage for an engaged and excited workforce, leading to increased productivity and better retention. With our onboarding software, you can improve the connection between new employees and your company right from day one. Foster a positive start to their journey with you from the very beginning of their onboarding.

With one centralized system, you have all crucial employee information in one place for easy access and retrieval. Save time and money while skipping the hassle of sorting through documents. Fill out this form to explore how our employee onboarding software can help your business.

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