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Seamless integrations for our clients with paperless flow of data.

As the payroll processing service for thousands of clients across the nation, we understand the demands of numerous industries and can help with all of your payment and tax management needs.​

Alliance Human Capital Management Payroll and Tax solutions

Payroll Processing Services

We have developed seamless corporate payroll processing integrations for our clients and their management systems with paperless flow of data to-and-from our Alliance solution. You can easily integrate hours, new hires, demographic changes – anything you want! You maintain total control by approving any changes before integration. Multiple EIN companies will appreciate how Alliance streamlines payroll processing across brands, locations, and EIN’s. You can import payroll data from virtually any Point of Sales (POS) or third party application. When you need a “tight” data feed across business systems, we offer a web API to allow for automatic data integration.
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Payroll Tax Management

Payroll responsibility for businesses continues even after paychecks have been issued to their employees. It’s not as simple as handing your employees paychecks, a lot more goes into every payroll run. Some of these responsibilities include:
Never worry about a payroll tax penalty again! Stop suffering from the ongoing stress of making your tax deposits on time. We will handle all tax deposits automatically and guarantee they are correct or we will pay the penalties and interest. All quarterly and year-end tax forms are completed, reconciled, and filed by Alliance. We can provide full payroll tax management and can even answer all payroll tax-related correspondence for you, so you don’t have to call the IRS for answers.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a Federal Tax Credit Program available to employers who hire individuals from eligible target groups. Each year, employers claim over $1 billion in tax credits under the WOTC program. Employers can earn a tax credit of between $1,200 and $9,600 per eligible employee.

What Is the Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Cartoon employees collaborating over Employee Retention Credits (ERC)

Employee Retention Credit (ERC)

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is part of the CARES Act. It is a fully refundable tax credit that incentivizes employers for retaining staff throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by providing specific tax relief. Businesses can claim up to $5,000 in refundable tax credits for each employee on their payroll in 2020 and up to a $7,000 credit per quarter (excluding Q4) for each employee in 2021.

Payment Services

Our payroll processing services meet the difficult and time-consuming demands of your expanding workforce with flexible and convenient pay options, so you can easily keep up with the many ways your employees want to receive and manage their pay without the hassle of handling it all yourself.

AllianceHCM provides a resource that can centrally manage all your payment options, including:

With any payment option you choose, your employees will have anytime access to pay, tax, and account information through the Alliance Employee Self-Service mobile app.

Direct Deposit

Pay Cards

Agency Checks

Trust Checks

On-Demand Payment Received on a Phone

On-Demand Payments

Improve recruitment, retention, and productivity with Alliance’s on-demand payroll services. Give your employees more say in when they are paid rather than waiting for the standard payday. Not having to wait for payday helps employees better manage their finances and provides for less stress over the timing of bills and payments.

Our on-demand payroll solution can also be used as a recruiting and differentiation tool, since instant pay access is not a benefit all companies extend. Offering on-demand payments to employees also helps with retention because of the convenience of quick access payments.

On-demand payments are not loans, but a self-serve way for your employees to get early access to their earned wages. Here are a few of the benefits:

Connect funds to a bank account in less than 30 seconds.

Only pay $5 transaction fee for each $200 on-demand wage dispersal.

Gain instant access to funds 24/7/365.

Receive financial education and personalized financial tools.

Garnishment Services

Wage garnishments are common, complicated, and can result in severe consequences if mishandled. Alliance’s payroll processing service can provide relief though our expert guidance, taking the stress out of compliance with complex legal requirements and allowing you to more easily focus on your business.

Here’s what we do for our clients:

Garnishment Services​ Diagram
Expense Reports on a Phone

Expense Management

AllianceHCM’s expense management puts simplicity and automation at the center of its usability by allowing your employees to submit from multiple devices, your managers to approve expense reports, and payroll administrators to deploy reimbursements with ease through the AllianceHCM Payroll platform.

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Check out what our customers have to say!

A great example of the level of service is while processing a recent payroll; we had an employee whose manager forgot to add retro pay hours. My support contact recalled the payroll and imputed the corrections, and resubmit it without skipping a beat.
Heather Botto, Urgent Health Solutions PA
My practice revolves around providing sound financial decisions that come from sound financial data. In any business, your human capital is the most expensive factor in that data. And AllianceHCM does a good job of helping me manage that function no matter how large or small of an operation I am advising. Having their partnership gives me another way to provide great service.
Dwayne Anderson, President, Carefree Financial Management
Alliance talks about being without limits, and that is definitely the case here. Keystone is no longer limited by having no payroll expertise in house. The guidance and service we get from Alliance gives us more confidence, more abilities and more time to focus on selling and taking care of our clients.
Christian Kopp, Outsourced Risk Manager, Keystone Insurance & Bonds
AllianceHCM is the perfect fit for us. They know our industry and they’re price competitive. But even more important is their service. They are always ready to help me with anything. They bring expertise that I need without me giving up control, which really helps me do my job. It’s a great partnership.
Tammy Garza, Controller, Avalanche Food Group
AllianceHCM provides the means in a couple of minutes what used to take 20-30 minutes.
Justin Smith, Chief Operating Officer, Aspire2B Hospitality Group​
You guys certainly run the best dang payroll company we’ve ever encountered!
Darren Malhame, Northstar Restaurants
You guys are the best payroll company I have worked with (I work at a CPA firm). Always helpful and always quick to respond.
Colonial Oaks Senior Living Employer LLC
I’ve referred every franchisee I know. All have switched to AllianceHCM.
Lynn Keller, HPV Staff LLC
Switched from ADP and couldn’t be happier!
Brandon Bean, WT Friendly RV LP
We are very pleased with our decision to switch to AllianceHCM. I would recommend AllianceHCM to anyone who required payroll related services. My job is so much easier knowing AllianceHCM is on the job.
Doug Whiddon, Mod Mafia LLC
I’ve always gotten excellent service and expertise from you guys.
Janet Sopronyi, Covert Management
I chose to partner with AllianceHCM over 30 years ago, and it has been one of the most vital partnerships that I have made. They have decades of experience and industry knowledge when working with McDonald’s, serving thousands of them nationwide. As I’ve grown and added locations and employees, the Alliance platform has grown with me to meet my business needs. They’ve even created interfaces with QSRsoft and ISP, which means I don’t have to manually key information. I can manage everything from payroll, tax credits, automated ACA tracking, and onboarding all in one platform.
Gary Bolen, McDonalds
We partnered with AllianceHCM in 2016, and we continue to partner with them because of their prompt and knowledgeable customer service. Alliance helps us manage our employees with an easy-to-use digital onboarding tool, ACA reporting, tax credit management, and payroll, all on a single platform. If I ever have a question, I can always speak to my dedicated customer service representative; whether it’s a question on custom reporting or if I need help with digital onboarding, I can always get the questions answered promptly and confidently.
Shandala T., PapaJohns
As a leader in the organization, AllianceHCM is a great product for managers. It allows them to quickly onboard people – and in a restaurant, it’s one of the toughest things we do. AllianceHCM is a vendor that allows you to take 3 or 4 different vendors or pieces’ you would normally go to as a manager in a restaurant, and it puts it all together for you.
Justin Smith, Aspire2B Hospitality
Without AllianceHCM, we definitely wouldn’t have been able to open on time‚ maybe not at all. Their onboarding solution and its customizable features helped us implement the training programs necessary to get everyone trained on COVID regulations quickly, and because we could automate certain tasks, we had a lot more time to focus on the most important lessons.
Camp Ozark

Time Management​

Increase efficiency and profitability.

Human Resources​

A complete Human Resources solution.

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