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Current Integrations

We integrate with the latest technologies to create our single database solution for all your employee management tasks.
With AllianceHCM, you can quickly and securely deliver the necessary payroll data, including contributions, deductions, employee demographics, and salary-related information directly to your retirement plan provider – no matter the complexity of your organization and requirements.

AllianceHCM supports thousands of restaurant and business locations where employee time is managed on a POS system. Our team is very experienced at mapping POS time files to our system. We can even create custom POS imports that allow your payroll team to do multiple imports. Automatically fill in the following information so that employee data doesn’t have to be manually keyed into our system: new hire information, demographic changes, employee hours and overtime, and pay rates.

Instead of manually consolidating employee data into complex spreadsheets or batch loading data from a couple of systems to a separate compliance tool, look to AllianceHCM for one complete online solution to streamline the entire ACA compliance process.

If you offer benefits to your employees, our online solution integrates seamlessly with benefits and wellness programs to both centralize and simplify benefits management for your company/make managing benefits easier. This includes auto-transmitting an employee demographics file, as well as automatically triggering the benefit enrollment process.

Application Protocol Interface (API) Library

Alliance has a complete Application Protocol Interface (API) that allows clients to connect third party applications directly to its data. Through the API connection, you are able to connect to proprietary systems and training management systems.

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