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AllianceHCM Payroll And HR
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Recruiting / Onboarding Integrations

As you build out your applicant center, deploy your job openings to many top-rated job sites to accelerate your recruiting process. In addition, AllianceHCM has partnered with various technology companies to ensure you can effortlessly recruit, onboard new hires, and transition your new hires into employees.

Point-of-Sale (POS) / Back Office Integrations

AllianceHCM supports thousands of restaurants and businesses where employee time is captured and stored in a POS system. Our integration accurately maps POS time files to our system. Additionally, we create custom POS to payroll setups that allow your payroll team to perform multiple data imports. For example, automatically fill in new hire information, demographic changes, employee hours and overtime, and pay rates and avoid manually keying the information into multiple systems.

Time / Scheduling Integrations

Time data and schedules are crucial in running your business and serving your customers. They are also the foundation for keeping your payroll accurate. We’ve partnered with industry leaders in the time-keeping space to provide easier tracking and more visibility for your workforce.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integrations

Don’t spend time manually consolidating employee data into complex spreadsheets and continuously importing files to various systems. Instead, integrate your payroll systems with your ERP to create a single source of information for your general ledger.

Earned Waged Access (EWA) Integrations

AllianceHCM integrates with earned-wage access providers so employers can offer same-day pay for employees. This income flexibility is an excellent benefit for recruiting new hires and retaining your current employees. There are no additional employer costs or processes to offer wages on demand. AllianceHCM automatically deducts pay advances from an employee’s payroll.

Benefits Integrations

Offering benefits to your employees creates complexity, and staying in compliance with Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations can be challenging. AllianceHCM integrates benefits and wellness programs to centralize and simplify benefits management for your company. This integration automatically transmits an employee demographics file and triggers the benefits enrollment process.

401k Integrations

Quickly and securely deliver the necessary payroll data—including contributions, deductions, employee demographics, and salary-related information—directly to your retirement plan provider, no matter the complexity of your organization and requirements.

Build Custom Integration with the AllianceHCM Application Protocol Interface (API)

AllianceHCM has a complete Application Protocol Interface (API) that allows clients to connect third party applications directly to its data. Through the API connection, you are able to connect to proprietary systems and training management systems.

AllianceHCM has a 97% customer Retention Rate
AllianceHCM has a 97% customer Retention Rate

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AllianceHCM is the payroll provider of {company}. Please contact your employer (even if you're not employed there anymore) directly for assistance with logging in, resetting your password, questions about your paystub, accessing your W2, benefits or any direct deposit questions etc. We have strict security rules in place and cannot access or share employee information with anyone other than your employer's AllianceHCM administrator.