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TalentReef Payroll Integration with AllianceHCM

Simplify onboarding for your hourly employees and their hiring managers with the AllianceHCM and TalentReef integration.

Hourly hiring made easy.


TalentReef is a talent management platform made for location-based, high-volume hiring in the hourly workforce with over a decade of serving national brands at more than 100,000 locations.

Together, TalentReef and AllianceHCM can automate your onboarding process and optimize the employee lifecycle to remove hurdles for your hourly employees and hiring managers, all while helping to build your dream team and, ultimately, grow your business.

When you’re ready to onboard a new hire, AllianceHCM pulls all of the employee information needed from TalentReef and automatically populates that information into our onboarding platform so your hiring managers don’t have to manually enter all of the new hire’s data.

Features of the AllianceHCM and TalentReef integration:

Why use the AllianceHCM and TalentReef integration?


Manage less

Don’t work harder than you have to. Eliminate double entry, reduce human error, manage your employee information in one place, and save your managers time by allowing them to focus on operations.


Act quickly

Hiring is complex and requires immediate action to get the best employees. This integration provides hiring managers with an automated, easy-to-use system that streamlines the hiring process and speeds up the onboarding process for your new hire.


Reduce turnover

Managing an hourly workforce can be demanding, and turnover is costly to your business. With the AllianceHCM and TalentReef integration, new hires will feel at ease while being onboarded and are more likely to stay longer, which will also increase your employee retention rate.

Hourly hiring made easy with the AllianceHCM and TalentReef integration.

Employee data flow

Shared data flow
First name TalentReef to AllianceHCM
Middle name TalentReef to AllianceHCM
Last name TalentReef to AllianceHCM
Birth date TalentReef to AllianceHCM
SSN TalentReef to AllianceHCM
Employee ID TalentReef to AllianceHCM
Position location (address, city, state, zip) TalentReef to AllianceHCM
Position title TalentReef to AllianceHCM
Location number TalentReef to AllianceHCM
Position ID TalentReef to AllianceHCM
Client ID TalentReef to AllianceHCM
Manager ID TalentReef to AllianceHCM
Employee status TalentReef to AllianceHCM
Employee phone number TalentReef to AllianceHCM
Employee address, city, state, zip TalentReef to AllianceHCM
Employee email TalentReef to AllianceHCM

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The transition to Alliance was (fairly) pain-free thanks to the help of the transition team. When you use Alliance, you are given your personal account representative to help with any and all issues. Our rep, Cary Bruce, is knowledgeable, friendly and fun to work with. This company makes payroll processing the simplest part of my day.
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I first gave a 1 star rating for everything that happened during and after our initial rollout. Many months later I have reached Serene Fryar and she has completely turned it around for us. She is knowledgeable (and honest when she doesn't know the answer which I find refreshing), stellar with follow-up, helpful and incredibly friendly. Very pleased with what she has been able to do for our company when others couldn't!
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Alliance has made our payroll processing so easy! As an HR Department of 1, they have really been able to consolidate a lot of processes to make my job much easier.
AllianceHCM has a 97% customer Retention Rate
AllianceHCM has a 97% customer Retention Rate

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