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Performance Management

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Performance Management

Objective and fact-based reviews should be the foundation of any organization’s performance management strategy. But if it’s not easy for employees and managers to use and simple for your HR staff to deploy and report on, then you’ll meet internal resistance to the process, and your company will miss out on opportunities to align goals and improve productivity.

The AllianceHCM Performance Management solution enables your company to drive more effective performance from individuals, teams, departments, locations, and your company as a whole. Learn how we set you up for success and start making the most of your performance management process.

Performance Management

Why use AllianceHCM for performance management?

Simplify review form setup

Streamline your performance evaluation processes with ease. AllianceHCM’s intuitive interface allows you to effortlessly create customized review forms tailored to your company’s unique requirements.

Flexible scoring methods

Choose the scoring method that aligns with your evaluation criteria. Opt for flat or percentage scoring to accurately assess performance based on your specific needs.

Comprehensive review building

Craft comprehensive performance reviews. Our user-friendly interface empowers you to add areas and questions, format content, and customize HTML for enhanced review customization.

Streamlined review assignment

Assign reviews to employees through our intuitive dashboard. Set review dates, assign user groups, and define review periods for a structured and accountable evaluation process.

Enhanced employee experience

Prioritize the employee experience with our performance management solution. Through our employee portal MyPay, employees can conveniently access and complete assigned reviews, fostering engagement and ownership in their professional growth.

Supervisor empowerment

Enable supervisors to navigate the performance evaluation process with our AllPay platform efficiently. Accessing the employee sections, supervisors can review and finalize assessments, mark sections as complete, and sign off on completed reviews—all in a streamlined manner.

Simplified approval process

Gain complete visibility into the progress of reviews and expedite the approval process. Use our review approval feature to filter and track completion status based on employee and employer progress, date range, and user group.

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