An on-demand pay provider that empowers employees to pay themselves as needed with earned wage access


Features of the AllianceHCM and Tapcheck integration:

Integration and usage features


Earned wage access

Employees have the option to get paid instantly with the ability to access earned wages whenever they need them and receive those funds within seconds.


Employers don’t have to worry about increased payroll work

Tapcheck integrates with AllianceHCM’s payroll. Employees access their earnings online at or through a smartphone app available on Apple’s App Store or Google Play.


Financial wellness through financial education

An added benefit of Tapcheck is its financial education tools within the app. Users access insightful financial blogs, easy-to-use financial calculators, and educational courses that improve financial wellness through enhanced knowledge of better budgeting, increasing credit scores, buying a home, and saving for retirement.

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Josh Bohls
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I would give 10 stars if google allowed. I don't know why any business owner would hassle with doing their own payroll. The tax filings and support is worth its weight in gold.
Enedelia Acevedo
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Love that I get to talk to a person and not just emails back and forth
Sue Salazar
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Always receive professional, kind service. My account reps are very quick to resolve any issues.
DJ Holding
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Alliance is the best payroll company in my 40 year accounting career I've ever worked with. They are quick to respond and always pleasant.
Rebecca Thompson
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I get weekly phone calls from payroll competitors trying to get me to change. I do not have to think twice. Alliance Human Capital Management is all I need.
Sharon Backer
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got though the ppp loan forgiveness process almost exclusively with the use of the reports that alliance offered
Chad Gregg
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Excellent customer service!!!

Payroll Data

Data flow
Employee ID AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
Employee Name AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
Birthdate AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
SSN (last 4 didgits) AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
Address AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
City AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
State AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
Zip code AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
Phone AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
Email AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
Salary AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
Quarterly net income AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
Payment method AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
Last paid at date AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
Payroll frequency AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
Pay type AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
Employment start date AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
Termination date AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
Pay period start/end date AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
Payday amount AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
Employer ID AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
Employer Name AllianceHCM to Tapcheck
Deduction Tapcheck to AllianceHCM

Already use TapCheck for early earned wage access?

If you offer benefits to your employees, our online solution integrates seamlessly with benefits and wellness programs to both centralize and simplify benefits management for your company/make managing benefits easier. This includes auto-transmitting an employee demographics file, as well as automatically triggering the benefit enrollment process.

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