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I am a huge fan of AllianceHCM Payroll. I only use AllPay as a platform, but hands down, it is the best. I pretty much use every aspect of the AllPay platform. It’s easy to navigate. Customer service is second to none. From the minute somebody answers the phone, which from what I’ve been told from other people using different platforms, that’s not always the case. You know, even the friendly voice on the other end that answers, right down to whatever department you need, getting somebody to help you in that department, it’s always a success story. I have never had anybody at AllianceHCM that has not been able to help me.
Trish Y., Payroll Manager, Higginbotham
Since switching, I’ve found our operations, HR, and payroll to be more streamlined. Processing payroll is way more straightforward. With our past provider, the process required a lot more manual touch. The AllianceHCM system has been even more user-friendly, and with everything being on the same platform, there is almost no manual impute needed. When we needed to add additional services, everyone on the Alliance team was hands-on and worked hard to set it all up. The applicant tracking system and the digital onboarding are so much smoother than our past provider. In our past HR platform, the applicant system was a 3rd party solution bolted on so you could log in, but it would transfer to the 3rd party site out of the HR and payroll platform. With Alliance, I can manage it all from one system. I can easily toggle between the modules all in one system.
Heather B., Urgent Health Solutions PA
In more than 25 years of payroll, I have never experienced the level of service that AllianceHCM has provided.
David J., COO, Apara AutismCenters
Scheduling, shift changes, and time off requests are so much easier to manage now. Having a live schedule at their fingertips is an invaluable tool for our managers. The painful days of Excel spreadsheets are in the past now that we are using MakeShift.
Vince S., GM and Retail Director, Fuel City
Onboarding has been wonderful right out of the gate. I was told from the get go “AllPay will be your best friend” and they were right! I love the AllPay platform and the AllianceHCM service team has never let me down. They really do go above and beyond for us.
Trish Y., Payroll Manager, Higginbotham
We partnered with AllianceHCM in 2016, and we continue to partner with them because of their prompt and knowledgeable customer service. AllianceHCM helps us manage our employees with an easy-to-use digital onboarding tool, ACA reporting, tax credit management, and payroll, all on a single platform. If I ever have a question, I can always speak to my dedicated customer service representative; whether it’s a question on custom reporting or if I need help with digital onboarding, I can always get the questions answered promptly and confidently. I appreciate how AllianceHCM approached our partnership from day one. They never pushed products on us that we didn’t need. The Team at AllianceHCM listened to what we needed and delivered on a platform that is specific to our needs.
Shandala T., Payroll Director, Ozark Pizza Company LLC
As a payroll manager at Higginbotham, I’m able to do what I need to do, get into AllPay, get it done and make my clients happy. I really am probably the biggest fan of AllianceHCM Payroll. I just really enjoy working on the platform. I’ve developed relationships with the AllianceHCM team and they honestly make me feel like when I call, they’re here to help me and they’ll stay on the phone with me until what I need is completed. That’s huge! AllianceHCM makes me look good. Because I’m able to do my job efficiently.
Trish Y., Payroll Manager, Higginbotham
AllianceHCM has been a great partner to my business with services that go beyond basic payroll processing. As a technology-forward company, they have been instrumental in my business’s response not only to COVID-19 but also to ACA and other HR processes. Their fast-reacting customer help desk has continually provided accurate assistance and answers. AllianceHCM is a truly valuable resource to my organization.
Dominic Flis, Burger King
Listening to my teammates that are dealing with the ADP, Paylocity, Paycor etc. hands down, they do not offer the same level of customer service. It doesn’t even compare. They call needing help, hoping someone will pick up the phone and be able to help them. And from what I hear, they tell me they sit there on hold for a long time, over an hour! and when it looks like someone finally is answering the phone, the line gets disconnected! We’ve never had that happen at AllianceHCM.
Trish Y., Payroll Manager, Higginbotham
I have great communication with everyone I’ve worked with at AllianceHCM. Very Satisfied!
Debra G, Trinity Bay Conservation District
So glad we made the switch to AllianceHCM a few years back. You all are fantastic. Hands down the best HR/Payroll provider we’ve ever used…..and we’ve used quite a few! We see it far too often these days – size and sophistication are oftentimes provided/achieved to the detriment of customer care and support. AllianceHCM is one of the rare few that have mastered an uncompromising business strategy. It’s refreshing to work with a company that not only meets our expectations, but exceeds them on a regular basis!
Greg H., restaurant industry
Service, service, service. Our former payroll company didn’t put the effort into training us. AllianceHCM took the time to show us how to use the system, and is here for us if we have a question.


Having all of the functionality in one place gives me on-the-spot insights into our workforce and minimizes compliance risk by providing real-time and accurate data. I’m also saving valuable time because of the platform’s ease of use and functionality.
Ryan G., SitePro Inc
AllianceHCM’s customer service is 10-times better than what I have experienced in the past. I can always reach my account manager and get critical questions answered. It is great knowing that if I need help making a custom report, I can call in and promptly have a report built. With the single database, I can quickly move between recruiting, digital onboarding, HRIS, ACA, and payroll, all in one place.
Ryan G., SitePro Inc
If I had to choose the best thing about working with Alliance, I would say it is communication. The software is terrific, but the biggest thing that sets Alliance apart from others is that they have someone who knows their stuff. It’s not just “let me help you solve your problem.” but also “let me help you solve your problem AND recommend an easier process.” If I had known it would be this easy to convert to a different HR and payroll partner, I would’ve switched sooner. I would tell someone who was considering Alliance that they shouldn’t hesitate; they’ll support you every step of the way. I would highly recommend their services for any HR and payroll needs.
Heather B., Urgent Health Solutions PA

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Josh Bohls
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I would give 10 stars if google allowed. I don't know why any business owner would hassle with doing their own payroll. The tax filings and support is worth its weight in gold.
Enedelia Acevedo
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Love that I get to talk to a person and not just emails back and forth
Sue Salazar
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Always receive professional, kind service. My account reps are very quick to resolve any issues.
DJ Holding
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Alliance is the best payroll company in my 40 year accounting career I've ever worked with. They are quick to respond and always pleasant.
Rebecca Thompson
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I get weekly phone calls from payroll competitors trying to get me to change. I do not have to think twice. Alliance Human Capital Management is all I need.
Sharon Backer
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got though the ppp loan forgiveness process almost exclusively with the use of the reports that alliance offered
Chad Gregg
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Excellent customer service!!!

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