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Redhawk Coiled Tubing and Winco Trucking is an early adopter of AllianceHCM’s expense management

Submitting paper expense report forms proved challenging for the Redhawk Coiled Tubing team and led to many issues for the company. As a result, the company decided to adopt AllianceHCM’s expense management solution to improve the submission process, give accountability to managers for approvals, and eliminate expense reports going to the wrong approvers.

We spoke with Darlene Estes, Winco Development’s HR manager responsible for company payroll and expense reporting, about AllianceHCM’s expense management product and its ease of use.

Moving away from paper processes only took a few days

When AllianceHCM launched its expense management product, it was only a matter of time for Redhawk Coiled Tubing and Winco Trucking to adopt this latest feature. AllianceHCM’s single-source database allows companies to deploy expense reimbursements easily.

Implementing AllianceHCM’s expense management was a snap. It was just basically a push of a button. I was sent the instructions as to how to start using it, and it was just within a couple of days that it was rolled out within Redhawk.

Darlene Estes
HR Manager

As a part of the implementation, Darlene got a one-on-one training session and the team received written documentation on how to use the new feature. With that, the team was prepared to get up and running quickly. Once the team warmed up to taking pictures of receipts, there were few issues with getting expenses submitted on time. Darlene said it’s easy for a supervisor to submit expenses after having team lunches while in the field, and employees have a better way of tracking hotel stays.

Peer-to-peer training increases adoption

New employees now learn how to use the expense management product during orientation, and there’s even further support from colleagues, Darlene said. “Because of the other guys that are familiar with it, if they have any issues, then they go to that guy and say, ‘Hey, I can’t do this,’ and they’re glad to help. It’s very, very easy to convey that information.”

If peer-to-peer support is not enough, Darlene says she’s well versed in the product and can further assist people in the field. In most instances, a quick phone call with an employee can get them through the expense report submission.

Expanding to other companies

Since it’s been a positive experience within Redhawk to rely on AllianceHCM for expense management, Winco Development is now rolling out the program to Winco Trucking. The mobile capabilities of AllianceHCM’s expense management application makes it a perfect fit for their drivers to use while on the road. “They’re doing it from their app because most of these guys work from their phone. Because of their scheduling, they’re out in the field most of the time,” said Darlene. She works back with the drivers and gives them the proper support to start using the app.

Reports always go to the right approver

AllianceHCM’s expense management product solves a critical problem for Winco Trucking that the manual process could not provide: expense reports were often sent to the wrong supervisor. “With the paper forms, there are always chances of it being lost or given to the wrong supervisor,” Darlene said.

Additionally, the expense management product has increased accountability and ensures the expenses are being reviewed and approved by the supervisor.

We’ve given access to our supervisors and managers to just be able to review the expense reports, and they have to be responsible for going in and reviewing them and approving them.

Darlene Estes
HR Manager

Redhawk and Winco Trucking employees are encouraged to track their expenses daily using AllianceHCM’s mobile-friendly expense management solution. Supervisors have grown accustomed to checking submissions and submitting approvals monthly. By rolling out the app and implementing best practices, expense reports are no longer getting lost in the shuffle.


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