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How owner/operator Todd McMillan leverages AllianceHCM to simplify operations and celebrate his crew

Payroll for McDonalds Owner/Operators

Dedicated to McDonald’s: McMillan’s longevity in the restaurant industry

Like most McDonald’s owner/operators, Todd McMillan was inspired to get into the restaurant business because of family, particularly his father. 

“My dad was a McDonald’s operator in Houston in 1972,” Todd explained. “And so, I grew up working in the business from the time I was a little kid.” 

“I loved the energy of our restaurant teams and the pace of the business,” said Todd.

In 1990, Todd’s family sold their McDonald’s restaurants in Texas and opened four restaurants in Las Vegas. By 2010, Todd decided to become an owner/operator and opened his first McDonald’s location.

Todd sold his McDonald’s store in Nevada and settled in Colorado in 2015. It was around this time he discovered AllianceHCM. 

“I didn’t know any local payroll services available in Colorado Springs, so I started looking for a company deeply connected with McDonald’s,” said Todd. “And now we’re opening our third McDonald’s restaurant next month.”

Feeling valued: How McMillan uses AllianceHCM to build company culture

Todd understands the value of retaining and celebrating crew members, so he uses AllianceHCM to generate a birthday and anniversary list each month to mark these occasions. 

Todd enlisted the help of his AllianceHCM customer service representative after coming up with the idea, and together they built a custom report that allows Todd to run a list of all his crew members to make sure everyone is celebrated. 

These birthday and anniversary celebration reports help create a more unified work environment where everyone feels valued. Recognition includes birthday cards sent to crew members’ homes, a monthly birthday celebration with cake and balloons, and gift cards given as a token of appreciation on crew anniversaries.

“Something just to say thanks,” said Todd.

Full steam ahead: How AllianceHCM optimizes operations for McReward, Inc

Before AllianceHCM, Todd manually handled most of his operations like running payroll, training crew members, and filing for tax credits. That changed after partnering with AllianceHCM in 2015, and day-to-day responsibilities became more manageable.

Tax Credit Services

AllianceHCM’s onboarding platform allows Todd to optimize the process of claiming Workforce Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC), making it easier to receive earned credits. 

When applying for WOTC, Todd used to manage all of the paperwork himself, which made filing for those tax credits both strenuous and time consuming. “I remember I had to bundle all these forms up and mail them to the state back when I lived in Nevada. And I had to do it within a certain deadline of their hiring,” explained Todd. “It was a pain and a lot of times I was late, so I didn’t get the credit, even though it would have been an easy credit.”

With AllianceHCM, however,

WOTC has been pretty seamless. Once it got set up, it was all just running. And then, I’ll get a report at the end of the year of what type of tax credit I can get. So, that’s what I love about AllianceHCM’s WOTC service.

Todd McMillan

Easy Training

As McReward expands operations and staff, the organization is utilizing AllianceHCM’s built-in university  and training videos, which provide instructions on using the system. 

“I want to train my HR team right,” Todd explained. “I just jumped right into it, and was on the phone every day with customer service trying to figure out the platform, so I appreciate the training videos and enjoy the ease of everything.” 

Mobile Payroll

Todd also discussed how AllianceHCM’s payroll solution is flexible and running payroll only takes a few minutes to process. 

That’s the coolest part about AllianceHCM’s system is that, compared to the one I was using in the past, I had to be in my office. I wasn’t able to pull information. I had to manually input it, but AllianceHCM’s system has allowed me to travel and not worry about when payroll happens. I can be anywhere I want to be and get it done.

Todd McMillan



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