Fuel City

First opened in 1995, Fuel City is now a multi-location travel destination center that offers a unique combination of services, including a state-of-the-art carwash, competitive fuel prices, and their award-winning tacos.

Client succes story from Fuel City gas station

AllianceHCM’s mobile Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helped Fuel City optimize recruiting efforts

A valued client of AllianceHCM, Fuel City is a growing travel center with around 400 employees and seven locations across the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including Fort Worth, downtown Dallas, Mesquite, Haltom City Boulevard, Cedar Hill, Harry Hines, and one opening soon in Wylie.

When Fuel City decided to partner with AllianceHCM in 2021, they were happy to discover a quick implementation process and all-in-one workforce management system, as well as an easier way to recruit and engage their employees.

Stan Denegre, regional general manager for Fuel City, spoke with us about their experiences with hiring and employee retention, as well as Fuel City’s satisfaction with AllianceHCM’s mobile-friendly applicant tracking and onboarding platforms. Stan currently oversees six of the Fuel City locations and helps coordinate all of the roles within each of those stores, including the carwash managers, retail managers, food managers, and general store managers.

Attract and interact with candidates at every stage of the hiring process

Like many businesses, Fuel City has dealt with the struggle of finding and keeping good employees. For years, Fuel City managers handled the recruiting process on their own, posting open positions across multiple job boards, yielding measly results.

Before AllianceHCM, we had a really low success rate with job sites —it was just a revolving door. The applicants we were getting weren’t super interested in working for us. They were just blasting out resumes. There were a ton of applications coming in but, for every 50 applicants, we might get one phone call back to set up an interview. And you’re paying for this service, and it’s a waste.

Stan Denegre
Regional General Manager

With AllianceHCM’s applicant tracking system (ATS), Fuel City was able to easily post all of their open positions across multiple locations to their own custom online applicant portal, and a better suited talent pool started applying shortly after.

“If candidates have gone through our custom job portal and taken the time to fill out an application, they seem to be more interested and more qualified for our open positions,” said Stan. “Right now, labor is a huge problem. Across the board in every industry, hiring and retention are difficult, so if we find a way to gain a good full-time employee, that avenue is really important to us.”

Fuel City also took advantage of AllianceHCM’s custom QR code service that links directly to their applicant portal, which helps streamline the process even further and eliminates missed opportunities with good candidates.

“We’re seeing a lot more focused candidates,” Stan explains. “and I think a lot of that comes from the front door QR code window decal; when applicants come in, they scan it, and then they just apply.”

“We also just did a social media post pushing people to apply with the QR code, and we had a lot of clicks,” said Stan. Before we’d just have to say, ‘Go to our website and apply.’ Now, we have a QR code for applicants to scan, and that seems to be what everyone’s using these days.”

No more missing data or illegible handwriting to decode

Instead of wasting time dealing with paper applications or having hiring managers interview unqualified candidates, AllianceHCM’s applicant tracking system has helped simplify Fuel City’s hiring process and ensures the best candidates apply for their open positions. For Fuel City, it’s been a very helpful organizational tool and an easier way to track all of their applicants.

Before using AllianceHCM’s applicant tracking system, we were always trying to read and decipher what the applicants were writing, and the younger generation is all about the online portal from what I found; they are the ones who weren’t utilizing our paper applications or didn’t want to put effort into the next step. This system is more of a way of just handing it over to them and letting them plug-in their information.

Stan Denegre
Regional General Manager

Retain employees with a better candidate experience and recruiting process

AllianceHCM recognizes the difficulties not only in finding good employees, but also in keeping them. With a streamlined process, good communication, and easy onboarding experience, candidates are more likely to stick around.

“When someone applies and they see that it’s not just a paper application, the follow-up is quick and prompt, and we have all that information collected off the bat, there’s less repeating themselves and the process is a lot more seamless for the applicant, that usually leads them to stay longer as an employee,” Stan shared.

For Fuel City, being able to see the entire candidate pool is also an important aspect of a quality applicant tracking system. With AllianceHCM, hiring managers can access candidate information and help push that applicant to the right location or next hiring steps.

“For us, one of the most beneficial features of the applicant portal is being able to filter and sort by store location. Since we have several stores, we can see who applied for which store. If that store’s not hiring, we are able to call and offer that candidate the same position at a store nearby,” Stan said. “It kind of brings a unity together, when before it was just case by case and store by store.”

Fuel City manages their entire employee lifecycle with a 100% mobile process

Because Fuel City has a lot of “moving parts” to their business, they were in need of a solution that was just as mobile and flexible. AllianceHCM has helped Fuel City streamline their hiring process, simplify their onboarding, and easily engage their employees with a mobile-friendly experience.

Yeah, it’s a 100% mobile process, and it’s been good. The technology’s good. Doing the onboarding process on a mobile device has been really nice; everything is signed and saved, and having a digital copy of their employee paperwork, it just saves space and time. Our employees have a 100% mobile experience from the time they apply for the job until they officially become an employee.

Stan Denegre
Regional General Manager

With an easy-to-use, customizable talent acquisition platform from AllianceHCM, Fuel City was able to get clarity with their recruiting and onboarding processes.



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400 employees


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