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A Buffalo Wild Wings payroll and HR provider for stores across the U.S.

As its trusted human capital management provider, AllianceHCM supports the unique needs of Buffalo Wild Wings HR and payroll for restaurant owners/operators, whether you have one restaurant or 100 across multiple states.

Buffalo Wild Wings franchisees across the country already trust us for their HCM needs. Be the next.

AllianceHCM supports thousands of Buffalo Wild Wings locations across the country. Because of our experience as a Buffalo Wild Wings HR and payroll provider, we’ve got all the tools to streamline your workforce management tasks.
The AllianceHCM software solution suite uses the latest integrations to automatically bring in personnel information. Now, you’ll never have to manually key employee data into our system. Make your Buffalo Wild Wings HR and payroll management more efficient.

Featured integrations for Buffalo Wild Wings human resources and beyond

In an industry that too often over-promises and under-delivers, we're the Buffalo Wild Wings payroll / HR provider you've been looking for!

AllianceHCM’s full-service and quick-service restaurant payroll and Buffalo Wild Wings HR solutions do it all. Tired of clunky systems and outdated HR processes? Embrace a better workflow with our Buffalo Wild Wings HR and payroll solutions. When it comes time to choose an HCM software vendor, trust AllianceHCM.

Our FSR and QSR software can do it all to help your restaurant operate smoothly. You can expect:

Learn how the right HCM provider can benefit your restaurant.

AllianceHCM’s payroll and HR solutions are built to handle everything your quick-service restaurant needs.

When it’s time to choose a system to manage your payroll and HR, trust AllianceHCM. Our software can help your Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants operate smoothly by supporting your managers and team members in a single system. 

Talent Acquisition

Recruit the best employees and build your dream team with a better Buffalo Wild Wings HR resources provider.

Restaurant owners know that your team can make or break the customer experience. Utilizing talent acquisition software can help you take control of workforce management from the start of an employee’s tenure with you. Get on the right foot with a trusted Buffalo Wild Wings human capital management provider.

Paperless Employee Onboarding

Take your restaurant business(es) to a new level with our Buffalo Wild Wings onboarding and paperless services.

With the new hire onboarding system from AllianceHCM, you can take your organization to a new level. Automate and create a consistent process for all new hires with AllianceHCM as your Buffalo Wild Wings human capital management provider. By allowing new hires to complete their onboarding documents in a secure web-based environment, it streamlines the process for everyone involved. Plus, with our paperless services, those paper-intensive days will be history!

Payroll & Tax

Streamline your restaurant’s Buffalo Wild Wings payroll processing across brands, locations and EINs.

Keeping Buffalo Wild Wings payroll and tax information organized for hundreds of employees can feel overwhelming. The right restaurant payroll software helps ensure your employees are getting paid correctly and on time while avoiding any business penalties. Our Buffalo Wild Wings payroll solutions let you focus on what you do best.

Human Resource Services

Empower your employees with an easy-to-use mobile app and online self-service portal with Buffalo Wild Wings HR services

Make your HR tasks easier and get the tools to encourage an engaged, enthusiastic culture among your team members.


Benefits administration from a single database. No more missed updates or manual keying with Buffalo Wild Wings benefits services!

Offering the right benefits can drastically improve the employee experience. Our software can help you easily organize and distribute benefits to your part-time and full-time employees. Spend more time serving your customers and improving your employee experience with a better Buffalo Wild Wings benefits solution.


Easily map point-of-sale (POS) time files with AllianceHCM.

Keep your restaurant running efficiently while also keeping your staff accountable with our Buffalo Wild Wings payroll and HR services.


We’ve done all the integration work with our Buffalo Wild Wings HR and payroll solutions, so you can focus on other operations to grow your business.

Entering data multiple times in multiple systems can cost you time and can accidentally introduce errors. Rely on integrations to reduce errors and frustration.

Are you ready to focus fully on your customers’ experiences and let us handle the Buffalo Wild Wings payroll and HR side of your business?

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a Federal Tax Credit Program available to employers who hire individuals from eligible target groups. Each year, employers claim over $1 billion in tax credits under the WOTC program. Employers can earn a tax credit of between $1,200 and $9,600 per eligible employee.

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Test drive our powerful Human Capital Management solution for Buffalo Wild Wings HR, payroll and more!

Want to elevate your Buffalo Wild Wings HR, payroll, and tax solutions? AllianceHCM is here to propel your business and with our human capital management solutions. With our integrations, we’ll help you skyrocket productivity and make your HR and payroll processes a breeze.

Let tedious tasks be a thing of the past. Don’t pass up the chance to amp up your business with AllianceHCM. Try our Buffalo Wild Wings HR and payroll solutions today and see for yourself why our clients are satisfied.

AllianceHCM is the payroll provider of {company}. Please contact your employer (even if you're not employed there anymore) directly for assistance with logging in, resetting your password, questions about your paystub, accessing your W2, benefits or any direct deposit questions etc. We have strict security rules in place and cannot access or share employee information with anyone other than your employer's AllianceHCM administrator.