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Oberoi Restaurants

Oberoi Restaurants continues to expand, with more than 40 Wendy’s locations across Texas and Florida

Ricki Oberoi Owner/Operator of Wendy's Franchises

Oberoi Restaurants and AllianceHCM grew alongside each other

Ricki Oberoi and Edith Hernandez were teenagers when they each got their first jobs in the quick-serve restaurant space. Since then, Ricki, owner/operator of Oberoi Restaurants, and Edith, managing partner, have become incredibly well-versed in the hospitality industry. Their careers have flourished, and their business has taken off. 

Similarly, AllianceHCM has evolved during that time. AllianceHCM started supporting Oberoi Restaurants in the mid-1990s, changing as Oberoi expanded and grew to serve hundreds of thousands of customers. 

We’ve used AllianceHCM since we had three restaurants. We just kind of grew with the system. AllianceHCM had more products to offer us so, as we grew, we just kept taking them.

Ricki Oberoi

Oberoi Restaurants now includes more than 40 restaurants in Houston, south Texas, and the Texas Valley, as well as Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Ricki said the company is ready to grow even more.

As Oberoi adds restaurants, AllianceHCM helps new locations get integrated quickly

Oberoi Restaurants uses AllianceHCM for day-to-day operations, such as payroll, applicant tracking and onboarding, as well as Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) reimbursements and Affordable Care Act (ACA) administration. They also rely on AllianceHCM for aligning employee payroll and other data during acquisitions.

The people at the support center at AllianceHCM, they’re very good with our team here. We get on conference calls and emails, and AllianceHCM really makes it happen – making it less painful as we take on 300 employees at a time.

Edith Hernandez
Managing Partner

Ricki agreed. “Yeah, adding one store is not a big issue. That’s literally: Just make a call, and they drop it in.” He admits that larger acquisitions are more challenging since they involve transferring data from another payroll company, but AllianceHCM has always supported them. “To do onboarding of 500, 600, 700 employees, it’s a very nerve-wracking situation.”

AllianceHCM’s applicant tracking and onboarding provide faster employee conversions for Oberoi Restaurants

Employees don’t just join Oberoi Restaurants through acquisitions. Like any growing business, hiring is always a top priority for the company. The “Great Resignation” is hitting the restaurant industry, but it’s an industry that has substantial economic clout and employs a large, diverse workforce.

“Employee retention is a big challenge right now, both retention and hiring,” Ricki said. “Especially in our industry and the restaurant industry in general, it’s just there.”

Edith explained that when Wendy’s debuted a breakfast menu, restaurants had to hire new staff to cover a new part of the day schedule. AllianceHCM’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) made the hiring process smoother.

I think the onboarding, the applicant tracking, it has made our life easier. Converting the employee over to the portal and checking on those has been a lifesaver for us.

Edith Hernandez
Managing Partner

Edith added that once employees are a part of Oberoi Restaurants, it’s easy to use the AllianceHCM system to enter pay raises, update employee addresses, or make other data changes.

AllianceHCM provides Oberoi Restaurants top-of-the-line customer service every time

Ricki and Edith mentioned specific AllianceHCM employees when they talked about the company’s customer service, noting that these personal relations set the company apart from competitors. Ricki noted that AllianceHCM is still privately held and offers all the same services as a larger, privately traded company.

“You’ve always been a great support in our lives, so we always recommend it,” Ricki said. “Customer service, that’s the biggest thing.”

“The best customer service,” agreed Edith.



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