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AllianceHCM releases vaccination tracker to aid companies amid continuing COVID concerns

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HOUSTON, Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Alliance Human Capital Management’s new COVID tracker provides companies with the most dynamic vaccination status solution in the industry.

“We’re delivering a secure and efficient way for organizations to monitor whether their employees are vaccinated to ensure the safety of their work environment and meet the needs of new business regulations,” says Matt Umholtz, President of AllianceHCM.

In the coming months, OSHA is implementing a national plan to reduce the number of unvaccinated Americans and increase vaccination requirements, which will impact how companies across the U.S. operate for the foreseeable future. With the AllianceHCM COVID tracker, businesses can collect and easily manage vaccination and testing statuses of all personnel. Employees can also upload an image of their vaccination card or latest test results to be stored in their employee file. Additionally, our COVID tracker can be configured to provide alerts for future booster shots.

The Alliance COVID tracker also reminds employees who haven’t given their status to do so, as well as allows appropriate personnel to review the vaccination status of employees with an employee certification report. Companies can also require proof of vaccination from candidates at any point during the hiring process.

With the many changes COVID has brought to the workplace, it’s important to consider some of them could remain permanent. Remote work, virtual recruiting, and vaccination policies will most likely be among those lasting changes. AllianceHCM is equipped to provide the most cutting-edge tools and automated services to help organizations seamlessly operate through this pandemic and any other unexpected change in the future.

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