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AllianceHCM launches expense management product to enhance its HCM software solution

HOUSTON, Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AllianceHCM, one of the largest privately-held human capital management (HCM) software providers in the nation, released today its latest HR software product, expense management.

AllianceHCM’s expense management platform automates the recording, tracking, approval, and payment of reimbursable expenses incurred by employees, helping businesses gain better control over individual employee expenditures.

“Our solution provides our users the ability to streamline the submission process by creating multiple expense line items from receipts by simply taking a photo from your phone. Coupling expense management with our payroll system really expedites the end-to-end process from expense submission to reimbursement deployment,” said AllianceHCM President, Matt Umholtz.

What usually would have taken hours to compile and submit expense reports manually can now be dealt with in just a few clicks. AllianceHCM’s expense management solution brings speed, efficiency, and visibility to companies’ expenses by:

  • Capturing receipts on mobile and desktop
  • Turning photos of receipts into text that auto populate the expense report
  • Logging travel miles and auto-calculates IRS standard mileage rates
  • Approving and rejecting expense reports
  • Seamlessly reimbursing funds by leveraging AllianceHCM payroll

AllianceHCM’s expense management is an add-on feature for clients. For more information on AllianceHCM expense management, visit https://alliancehcm.com/expense-management/

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Alliance Human Capital Management (HCM) is heavily invested in providing the latest workforce technology backed by the most personalized customer service in the industry. Since 1989, we’ve listened to our users and worked with the unique needs of thousands of business owners to ensure we always provide the most superior HCM solution and unrivaled support to our clients. Our proprietary online software delivers streamlined applicant tracking, video interviewing, paperless onboarding, Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC), employee self-service, payroll processing, HR management, benefits enrollment, time and attendance, expense management, COVID tracker, and so much more, all within one complete system, so you can easily manage employee data from applicant to retirement with AllianceHCM. In an industry that too often over-promises and under-delivers, we’re the HCM provider you’ve been looking for! See our complete HCM solutions and API integrations for all your employee management tasks.

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