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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Attract, engage, and interact with candidates at every stage of their hiring process.


Hiring talent is a two-way street. Expectations on both sides of the hiring journey are the highest they have ever been.

AllianceHCM's applicant tracking system (ATS) empowers companies to offer candidates and their hiring managers a unique experience.


We ensure all parties remain engaged through every stage of
the hiring process.

What is ATS Software?

What is an ATS? Its your company’s path to a streamlined, digitally focused, and all-around effective hiring process. It’s also a foundational part of our range of human resources and human capital management solutions, from employee onboarding to payroll processing.
1000 +
Clients using ATS
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Recruitment management software that works

AllianceHCM ensures candidates stay engaged and recruiters and hiring managers stay on track to fill crucial open positions. Our applicant tracking software gives companies customizable applicant portals, job board integrations, applicant nurturing, and native video interviewing.

We designed an applicant tracking system with these features to reduce lag times in engaging candidates and keep the talent acquisition process moving forward. The last thing your recruiting software should encourage is inadvertently ghosting the talent pool.

Improve hiring by bringing together the disparate technologies needed to attract the best talent effectively to one single recruitment management software solution.

AllianceHCM’s applicant tracking system stores each touchpoint of the recruiting effort on the person’s record. It includes a detailed audit trail of all correspondence with those involved in the hiring steps.

Are you ready to attract talent and make better hiring decisions in less time?

Custom applicant tracking portals

With AllianceHCM’s online application tracking system, you can effortlessly post an unlimited number of positions across multiple locations to your own custom applicant portal.

Expand your reach to push open positions to numerous job boards. Widen your applicant pool through our many integration options. In addition, the system is flexible enough to manually create applicants directly as your best talent may walk through the door.

Ditch your outdated applicant tracking system, upgrade your hiring!

Applicant nurturing

AllianceHCM’s applicant nurturing assists recruiting professionals and hiring managers through automation. You can count on our applicant tracking system to address communication steps with applicants throughout the hiring process. Meaningful messages are delivered at the right time based on an applicant’s actions for each stage of the recruitment cycle.

Create better candidate experiences and streamline your recruiting processes.

Video interviewing

Conducting virtual interviews with software solutions designed for formal business meetings could leave gaps in your recruiting strategy. An applicant tracking system with integrated video interviewing allows you to log and store those interviews on the candidate’s record in AllianceHCM.

This information can help stakeholders get insights into a candidate without having to be present during the interview. Additionally, recorded interviews serve a dual purpose by allowing employers to improve interviewing techniques for hiring managers.

Join the 1000+ clients using AllianceHCM's applicant tracking system.

Pipeline applicant tracking management and reporting

As your company grows and scales, so does your applicant tracking system. As more people apply, you can create custom tags to highlight their stages in the recruiting cycle. Tag management outlines concise next steps for hiring managers to follow up with early and later-stage candidates.


AllianceHCM's out-of-the-box reporting tracks:

These metrics can help you optimize your recruiting effort by identifying peak submission periods and your best-recruiting channels.

Manage your entire employee life cycle on one HR applicant tracking system.

ATS software for finding the right talent

Attract, engage, and interact with candidates at every stage of their hiring process.

AllianceHCM has integrated with major job boards to help you find the right hire.

Browse our API Library, as well as view our ever-growing list of current integrations. 


Oberoi Restaurants

Oberoi Restaurants continues to expand, with more than 40 Wendy’s locations across Texas and Florida

Ricki Oberoi, Owner/Operator, Wendy's


Fuel City

AllianceHCM’s mobile Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helped Fuel City optimize recruiting efforts.

Client succes story from Fuel City gas station

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My practice revolves around providing sound financial decisions that come from sound financial data. In any business, your human capital is the most expensive factor in that data. And AllianceHCM does a good job of helping me manage that function no matter how large or small of an operation I am advising. Having their partnership gives me another way to provide great service.
Dwayne Anderson, President, Carefree Financial Management
Success Stories
Alliance talks about being without limits, and that is definitely the case here. Keystone is no longer limited by having no payroll expertise in house. The guidance and service we get from Alliance gives us more confidence, more abilities and more time to focus on selling and taking care of our clients.
Christian Kopp, Outsourced Risk Manager, Keystone Insurance & Bonds
Success Stories
AllianceHCM is the perfect fit for us. They know our industry and they’re price competitive. But even more important is their service. They are always ready to help me with anything. They bring expertise that I need without me giving up control, which really helps me do my job. It’s a great partnership.
Tammy Garza, Controller, Avalanche Food Group

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Joseph Aldape
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Alliance has made managing our employees such a breeze! The staff at Alliance is always so helpful and they really care about us. We couldn't be happier!
Angela Adderley
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Awesome Payroll company to work with !! Always respond to issues immediately.
James Bobo
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Very much enjoy using Alliance HCM for my Payroll. Lindsay is always there to answer my questions directly. The helpdesk is always pleasant as well. Thanks!
Joanie Scott
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Alliance is a great company. They go above and beyond for their customers. Each time I call my question/issue is resolved during the call — always less than 5 minutes.
Janel Harrison
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Helpful and responds quickly!
Susan Melvin
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The transition to Alliance was pain-free thanks to the help of the transition team. When you use Alliance, you are given your personal account representative to help with any and all issues.
AllianceHCM has a 97% customer Retention Rate
AllianceHCM has a 97% customer Retention Rate

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