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Team Murph

Team Murph makes a concerted effort to use AllianceHCM’s solution as much as possible for its Domino’s and Jersey Mike’s restaurants.

Payroll Provider for Jersey Mike's Franchises

Team Murph includes 89 Domino’s and Jersey Mike’s locations across Texas, Tennessee, and Kentucky and has its sights set on reaching triple digits in the next few years.

Team Murph briefly switched from AllianceHCM, but the Domino’s community helped bring them back

Ask senior members of Team Murph how long the company has been an AllianceHCM client, and you’ll learn it’s not a straightforward answer.

“A long time,” said Jenifer Colbenson, Senior Director of Store Services, who has been in multiple roles with the company for 23 years. “We left for one year, and then we came back.”

Team Murph first joined AllianceHCM in late 2012, although they left for another payroll provider after a few years. 

“We call it the dark year,” said Sherri Seidel, Director of HR. “It was before my time but I know how dark it was.”

Jen admits she can’t even remember all of the specifics that made Team Murph switch to another provider, but she thinks it had to do with establishing some integrations with Domino’s. But Domino’s systems changed, and it became evident that using another vendor wasn’t ideal for Team Murph.

“And then it just wasn’t worth it,” Jen said.

Team Murph switched back to AllianceHCM, a preferred payroll vendor for many Domino’s franchisees and Horne, an accounting partner for some franchisees.

Team Murph is on a mission to expand its use of the AllianceHCM system

When Sherri joined Team Murph about five years ago, she had a wealth of restaurant experience, including 17 years in the Wendy’s system. She’s worked in other workforce management platforms and first encountered AllianceHCM when she joined Team Murph.

“I don’t think the system is hard,” Sherri said of AllPay, the AllianceHCM solution.  “It felt like home in a way.”

Sherri works in AllPay daily and she’s in good company. Her fellow HR colleagues are in the system every day, as are payroll colleagues. The system is also integral for recruiting, training, and IT for reporting.

The diversity of staff in the system is a result of Team Murph trying to use as many functions as possible in the platform.

“That’s one of our initiatives, is to figure out how to maximize the systems that we use,” Jen said.

Sherri explained how Domino’s delivery created a unique need that the AllianceHCM system could manage.

We manage a lot of compliance pieces because we have delivery drivers. So within the AllianceHCM system, we’re utilizing the license tab to manage delivery team members’ expiration dates for things like insurance, their driver’s license, vehicle inspections, things like that, because we need to make sure that they’re compliant as they remain on the road.

Sherri Seidel
HR Director

In some ways, the AllianceHCM system acts as an electronic warehouse for data like training records, too, which is especially handy for employees who may leave the company and then go back.

Jen Colbenson
Senior Director of Store Services

Training in the AllianceHCM system is a supportive, collaborative effort

AllianceHCM experts have been instrumental in providing training and support throughout Team Murph’s tenure.

“Everybody’s been helpful, everybody’s been nice,” Sherri said. 

Jen and Sherri each remember specific AllianceHCM staff who coached and helped them through particular questions. Jen recalled one AllianceHCM expert who was her go-to resource.

“I learned a lot from her early on,” Jen said, “And then I come back and I’m showing the payroll person, the account person.’”

And they’ve taken the peer training one step further by reaching out beyond Team Murph.

Sherri said this was a unique part of being a part of the Domino’s brand. “We’re very happy to share and help each other. And there’s nothing that is so proprietary, that it’s like, ‘No, you can’t have it,’” she said. “If it’ll make life easier for somebody else, here, have it.”

Jen agreed. “That’s just how we operate. And we’re one big happy family. … We all share information on a regular basis.”

Team Murph sharing their experiences with the AllianceHCM platform also led to referrals, with other Domino’s franchisees joining AllianceHCM.

“They email me all the time asking me, like, ‘Okay, what do you do about this? And what do you do about that?’” Jen said. “We’re helping them, too, on the back end, to understand from Domino’s point of view how things work.”



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