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Texas Travel Industry Recovery Grant Program

The Texas Travel Industry Recovery Grant Program (TTIR) was established by Senate Bill 8 and signed into law by the Governor following the 87th Legislature (Third Called Session) to administer $180 million received from the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

Type of Incentive

The TTIR Program was established to provide one-time reimbursement grants of up to $20,000 for the recovery of Texas businesses in the tourism, travel, and hospitality industries that were negatively impacted due to COVID-19. These one-time grants are to reimburse eligible costs to these qualifying businesses.

Who Can Apply?

Applicants in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries (as determined by eligible NAICS code) who were negatively impacted by COVID-19 are able to apply.  
Basic qualifying criteria for a prospective applicant includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • In operation prior to January 20, 2020
  • Operate in the State of Texas
  • Privately-owned for profit business or non-profit organization
  • Open to the public or provide services for in-person events
  • Business or organization in the eligible NAICS codes listed for the travel, tourism and hospitality industries (NAICS codes 71, 722, 7211, 7212, 5615, 561920, 312120, 312130, 312140)
  • Suffered negative economic impact due to COVID-19
  • Otherwise eligible to receive this grant funding and not barred from competing for federal awards, including the guidelines on government-wide suspension and debarment in 2 CFR part 180 or for any other reason.


Due to the size of the industry and the high number of potential applicants, applications will be accepted in phases by industry sector identified by NAICS code.

Category Application Window NAICS Code Industry Max Allocation
1 July 6 – August 7 312120
Breweries; microbreweries
Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services; Convention and Visitors Bureaus
Convention and Trade Show Organizers, Event and Meeting Planning Services
RV Parks and Recreational Camps; Campgrounds
2 September 1 – 22 71 Arts, Entertainment and Recreation $34,200,000
3 October 1 – 22 7211 Traveler Accommodation: Hotels and Motels, Bed and Breakfast $42,750,000
4 November 1 – 22 722 Food Services and Drinking Places $85,500,000

If funds remain after the first four phases, a fifth phase will revisit any unfunded applications to award the remaining funds.

Required Information And Documents

In order to expedite the application process, please be sure to have the following documents prepared:

  • 2019 Texas Sales and Use Tax Returns 01-117 or 01-114
  • 2020 Texas Sales and Use Tax Returns 01-117 or 01-114
  • 2021 Texas Sales and Use Tax Returns 01-117 or 01-114
  • Most Recent Quarterly Tax Form 941
  • Invoices/Payroll Records for Reimbursement
  • Veterans Service or Benefits Letter

Alternate Forms

For entities that do not file the Texas Sales and Use Tax, one of the forms listed below may be substituted where Texas 00-117/01-114 forms are required. A mixture of forms may not be submitted to meet the requirements. Applicants must choose one type of form (i.e., Comptroller of Public Accounts Form 12-100, or IRS Tax Form 990; not a combination thereof).

  • Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Report (Comptroller of Public Accounts Form 12-100)
  • Non-Profit organization Return (IRS Tax Form 990)
  • Personal Federal Income Tax Return
  • (IRS Form 1040) U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return
    (IRS Form 1120) U.S. Return of Partnership Income (IRS Form 1065)

Applications will be reviewed by the TTIR staff for completeness and eligibility.
Before applying, applicants should review the required documents listed on the TTIR online portal.

Click here to register and apply.

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