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Over 1 million new hires onboarded!

Alliance has helped thousands of business owners find and retain their dream team with our
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Over 1 million new hires onboarded!

Alliance Onboards Over 1 Million New Hires

HOUSTON, TX — Alliance Human Capital Management (HCM) has achieved a celebratory milestone by onboarding more than one million new employees through their custom Onboarding Portal within Alliance’s Talent Acquisition solution. “This is big news for our company,” says Matt Umholtz, President of AllianceHCM. “Our employee onboarding service has helped over one million new hires seamlessly start a new job. This is a testament to the popularity of Alliance’s streamlined onboarding system, our robust single-database suite of HCM solutions, and personal customer service designed to support the success of our clients.”

For over 30 years, Alliance has been heavily invested in providing clients with the easiest way to streamline all of their workforce management needs through one powerful, intuitive online system. Tammy Garza, Controller of Avalanche Food Group, shares her perspective on working with the company: “AllianceHCM is the perfect fit for us. They know our industry, and they’re price competitive. Even more important, however, is their service. No matter who answers, they’re always ready to help me with anything. Alliance brings the expertise that I need without giving up control, which helps me do my job. It’s a great partnership.”

With the Employee Onboarding solution from AllianceHCM, new hires receive a welcome email directing them to the clients’ custom Onboarding Portal where the new employee can easily fill out and submit all required onboarding documents in a secure, web-based environment. Integrated with E-Verify and background screening, employers can also complete the employment verification process within the same application. Once new team members have successfully submitted their electronic onboarding package, all new hire documentation remains in our system for the employee, managers, or administrators to review at any time. The entire solution is paperless for unmatched efficiency, and also ensures clients maximize tax savings from the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).

“Without Alliance, we definitely wouldn’t have been able to open on time in 2020—maybe not at all,” said Sam Torn, owner of Camp Ozark. “Their Onboarding solution and its customizable features helped us implement the programs necessary to get everyone trained on COVID regulations quickly and, because we could automate certain tasks, we had a lot more time to focus on the important lessons. Our new counselors became experts on these procedures very quickly, and we owe that to Alliance. Thanks for helping Camp Ozark have another successful summer!”

Randy Norwood, Founder and CEO of AllianceHCM, gives credit where credit is due: “Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to our hard-working team of ‘Warriors.’ It is their dedication and personal attention to our clients that has allowed Alliance to grow into one of the largest privately-held human capital management software providers in the nation.”

With Alliance, recruiting and onboarding are both streamlined and paperless so you can easily deliver the best employees to your team.

More About Alliance's
Talent Acquisition Solution:

  • Improve your hiring process using the ATS scoring system that pre-qualifies each application so you only invest time with applicants who actually meet your expectations and match your ideal candidate score.
  • Never manually key new hire data into Payroll, HR, or Benefits ever again! Our software initiates the employee life cycle and syncs with our entire platform, so employee data is available across all of our solutions.
  • Perform candidate background checks and onboard your new hires without ever leaving our Talent Acquisition solution.
  • Automatically verify employment history and confirm candidates’ eligibility to work in the United States with E-Verify.
  • Experience a paperless system that takes your organization to a new level of hiring and onboarding efficiency.
AllianceHCM has a 97% customer Retention Rate
AllianceHCM has a 97% customer Retention Rate

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