AllianceHCM Payroll, Tax and HR

Paul Fleischman

Chief Technology Officer

Paul began working at Alliance soon after finishing graduate school at Rice University and, lucky for us, chose a career in software technology over his other love – music. After a few years with Alliance, Paul began to feel he could write the best payroll/HR software in the business, especially if he invited our clients input to help build it. By 2008, Paul started rolling out the first phase of the Alliance platform, AllPay. Thanks to Paul’s talented team of software engineers and the generous input of our clients, the rest is history!  

Paul is a graduate of Crozet Elementary School in Albemarle County, VA where he majored in computer programming. Seriously. When he was only eight, Paul’s parents bought him an Apple IIe and he immediately fell in love with software development. As a young teen, Paul successfully automated the administration of his family’s insurance business. These days, Paul enjoys spending time with his wife and four children, playing chess, and trying to find the spiciest Thai food possible.