Introducing Your Labor Law Poster Compliance Solution From AllianceHCM

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Explore how our robust solution puts compliance on auto-pilot.

Risk-free. Cancel anytime.

Labor Law Poster E-Update Service

Risk-Free. Cancel Anytime.

*The $25,000 We-Pay-The-Fine-Guarantee is provided by PosterElite and not AllianceHCM. If you have questions regarding the guarantee, please contact

Labor Law Poster E-Update Service

How Does The Service Work?

Labor Law Poster E-Update Service

Includes a FREE Labor Law Poster & the E-Update Service.


When a change occurs, we alert you with a call and email you the updated posting.


Print the updated posting.


Display the updated posting next to your labor law poster.


Receive an updated All-In-One Labor Law poster annually on the anniversary of your subscription.