Founded in 1948, Higginbotham is an independent insurance brokerage firm that provides business insurance, personal insurance, life insurance, employee benefits, retirement plans, risk management, and HR services.


Higginbotham payroll expert believes AllianceHCM’s solution is the best —hands down

As a valued partner since 2010, Higginbotham HR Services is a third-party partner offering back-office support for HR, benefits, and payroll support for clients across the United States. Additionally, Alliance Human Capital Management professionals are on standby to provide support for Higginbotham clients.

We spoke with Trish York, a payroll manager of Higginbotham, about the Higginbotham and AllianceHCM partnership. She has more than five years of payroll experience using AllianceHCM and serves as a subject matter expert for the AllianceHCM suite of products.

Intuitive user experience paired with exceptional support

Higginbotham uses many human capital management providers, but AllianceHCM is quickly establishing itself as a preferred provider due to its intuitive payroll module backed by exceptional customer support.

One key to success for Higginbotham and Trish is how much she can leverage the payroll features and every aspect of the product to service her clients.

When I look at our payroll specialists and managers using other platforms, this is easy. It’s just easy, and customer service is second to none.

Trish York
Payroll Manager

The service Trish receives stands out because she reaches out to the AllianceHCM team frequently and the service team is on her speed dial.

From the minute somebody answers the phone–you know the friendly voice on the other end that answers, right down to whatever department you need. Getting somebody to help you in that department, it’s always a success story. From what I’ve been told by other people using different platforms, that’s not always the case.

Trish York
Payroll Manager

From day-to-day operations to custom implementation rollouts

Recently, Higginbotham needed to merge two companies with approximately 800 employees on short notice. One company had 300 employees, and the remaining employee count was from the other company. Trish faced a quick turnaround time and called up Christina Miles, HCM Application Support Assistant Director for AllianceHCM. Within 48 hours, Christina guided Trish step-by-step through the merger.

I can honestly tell you, I have never had anybody that has not been able to help me. Whoever answers, if they say, ‘Oh, this is out of my realm, I’m not really sure. Hang tight, let me get somebody on the phone for you,‘ that’s what I get. Everybody seems to go above and beyond to help me and help my clients.

Trish York
Payroll Manager

Training clients and fostering relationships with AllianceHCM

As the relationship with Higginbotham, their clients, and AllianceHCM grows, so does the comfort level with using the application and the direct relationships their clients have with the AllianceHCM services team. However, clients do have direct access to AllianceHCM, and they are encouraged to use the platform independently to run their reports and view employee data.

Though Trish is the main point of contact for Higginbotham’s client payroll needs, occasionally the clients will reach out directly to AllianceHCM’s support team. When clients reach out to AllianceHCM, their experience is similar to Trish’s and they receive all the support they need.

Getting a glimpse into other providers from a partner’s perspective

Higginbotham works with other human capital management providers as they acquire clients using other providers. As they onboard new relationships, a key role for the company is to advise and make recommendations on technology and services for their clients.

Trish said, “If you’re calling and you need help, you need somebody that’s going to pick up the phone and be able to help you, no matter the department you need. From what I hear, I’ve had colleagues working with other providers sit on hold for over an hour, get a customer service rep to answer the phone, and then the line gets disconnected.”

In the five years Trish has been working with AllianceHCM, the service has been excellent, just as it was right out of the gate.

When I was in training, somebody using AllianceHCM had said to me, you know, ‘AllianceHCM will be your best friend. They’re going to step in all the time and be able to help you. This is what we do.’ And so, that’s how it’s been, and it never has let me down.

Trish York
Payroll Manager

With an intuitive payroll platform and incredible client support from AllianceHCM, Higginbotham provides its clients with top-tier service and peace of mind. 


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