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Amegy Bank Client Referral Program

AllianceHCM is a trusted partner of Amegy Bank and the perfect payroll/HR solution for your clients.

How does the Amegy banker benefit?

  • Amegy bank receives 25% of client’s first year processing charges
  • The banker receives 50% of the banks share
  • For instance, if the banker referred a $10,000 revenue client, the banker’s bonus would be $1,250 (12.5% of $10,000)

Let's get started!

  • Submit your leads below
  • Once submitted, your work is done. We handle the referral and will keep you informed every step of the way.

Contact our Amegy Bank Relationship Manager:

Jennifer Hoiden
Amegy Bank Relationship Manager

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Success Stories
During the PPP program, when clients were coming into Amegy Bank asking for loans, some of them brought me their documentation that AllianceHCM had done, and I was just amazed how detailed and customized all the paperwork was. So AllianceHCM was already on my radar when I saw all the good work that they were doing for their clients. The referral process was so easy! I was able to make $3,000 for just sending over a name, which was pretty exciting for me. I don’t think I’ve ever received money that was so easy to do for just such a simple process. I’m looking forward to making more money by referring to AllianceHCM.
- Terry Morales, Amegy Bank EVP

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